Certificates of Authenticity

'The Chess Piece' is proud to have introduced many new and innovative chess set designs to the U.S. market.  Several of our current offerings were designed and commissioned by us alone and are available exclusively from 'The Chess Piece'.  Unfortunately, in today’s highly competitive global market, deceptive business practices can be common, and the unwary customer is often the victim.  In order to protect you, our valued customer, from low quality [and even higher priced!] unauthorized copies of our designs, 'The Chess Piece' were again the first to offer a meaningful Certificate of Authenticity for all of our Limited Edition and Open Edition* deluxe wooden chess sets. These apply to sets made by Chopra in exotic woods only such as ebony, budrosewood, red sandal wood. We do not issue Certificates for stained boxwood, laquered or metal chess sets.

This is the manufacturers Certificate of Authenticity and not solely a retailer's certificate of purchase. Each of our genuine certificates are signed by the manufacturer's representative and ourselves, providing the guarantee that you need to confirm true authenticity.


Certificate signed by the Preseident of Chopra Chess Inc, Amritsar, India.
Signature and seal of Authorized Franchisee Outlet.
Cert5ificates of Authenticity issues with all luxury sets where you see this logo.

The Certificate of Authenticity is issued by The Chess Piece on behalf of Chopra Chess, Inc.  Each certificate is personally signed by, and bears the official company seals of Chopra Chess, Inc. and The Chess Piece.  With this certificate there is no doubt regarding the provenance of your chess set.

Quality and value...guaranteed!

Unauthorized appropriation of our proprietary designs is a growing problem.  Our product names and photos are being used without our consent by other makers who imitate our designs while typically skimping on materials and workmanship.  Our Certificate of Authenticity is your assurance of quality and value.

Our many satisfied customers know that our prices are extremely competitive and that our products offer exceptional value.  However, our attractive prices are never the result of unauthorized copies or substandard products.  The Chess Piece is an authorized dealer of Chopra Chess, Inc. (India). Many of our luxury wood chess sets are Chopra products, and are crafted to the highest standards in the industry.

*Open Edition : A luxury chess set without a preset limit on its production.