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The Chess Piece Chess Sets Store has for over a decade supplied some of the most beautiful, highest quality chess sets available anywhere and at the most reasonable prices. This includes the best value Staunton sets to suit the needs of both players, collectors or someone just wanting a fine decoration set to adore in the library, office or living room. Our collection of chess pieces, chessboards, luxury and tournament, chess club staunton, metal and theme and collectible chessmen and chess figures have been enjoyed by over 10,000 of our customers worldwide and currently we have over 2200 Facebook fans. With over 300 quality chess sets for sale we have something for everyone from attractive inexpensive polyresin themed sets to some of the most exclusive collector sets including our Simboli Poker Gold and Silver chess set at $5500.

The combination of Poker and Chess offers a very collectible combination to the avid chess collector.

The Simboli Poker Gold and Silver themed chess set is one of the many TCP Collector Chess sets

Our collection of themed chess pieces and chess sets appeal to historians, teachers and educators and of course are very popular with children. Such chess sets not only encourage chess play but also bring attention to the need to learn and respect history.

The American Civil War: A selection of chess sets from just $89

Our wooden chess sets are made by the finest artisans in Amritsar, India which is the world's hub of chess manufacture. These chess pieces and chessboards are made available by us in a variety of woods including relatively inexpensive boxwood, ebonized boxwood, sheesham, rosewood, ebony, bloodrosewood, padauk and other exotic red woods including red sandal wood/budrosewood to name the most commonly used. The material used in the set, the quality of the carving and turning and the size of the set has the biggest impact on the price it costs to make.

The MOro is one of many historical themed bone sets available exclusively from The Chess Piece

The Moro- modern chess pieces carved representing historical chess sets


For generations, the very best Master carvers in India made luxurious decoration chess sets and other products in Ivory. This changed after the CITES Agreement enforced controls on the harvesting and trade of elephant tusks and the resulting export controls of related products with ivory content. These highly talented artisans maintained their livlihoods by switching to bone and exotic woods. At TheChessPiece we have more bone sets available than any other retailer in both traditional and unique, modern vibrant colors.

The Pepys Design, a modern reproduction of the original set which is on display at the London Museum.

The Pepys- a modern bone interpretation of the set displayed at the London Museum

Chess is an ancient game which was thought to have originated in the 6th Century and some of the sets patterns available from this store predate Staunton and reproduce the historical relevance of chess from around the globe.

The Washington, a variation of the barleycorn bone set helps to recreate history when our presidents Jefferson and Madison would meet and play their favorite game.

The Madison-Jefferson, our version of the barleycorn chess set on display in Madison's home in Orange, VA

TheChessPiece internet chess store is a family owned business located in Florida, USA. We only sell chess sets and are 100% committed to quality, value and service. This is our living and we love and understand chess; and have developed many friendships with the customers we proudly serve. We invite you to call us if you need any help in making your chess set purchase. You will find we are knowledgeable and friendly; our business is entirely about making your chess set purchase the right one for you.

The Nouvelle Staunton; our most prestigious and elegant Staunton set carved in bone.

The Nouvelle Bone Staunton...

a 5" King Masterpiece!

Take care when buying Staunton wooden chessmen, pay close attention to detail. The carving of the knights, quality of the turning, the size of the chess pieces and the materials used are just some of the aspects to consider when considering a purchase. It is very easy to make a mistake and we hope our informational pages and chess videos may help you make an informed decision when considering the purchase of a fine quality chess set.

The Jazzy Trio knight, a modern Staunton design featuring an  excellently carved triple weighted knight.

The Jazzy Trio Staunton...luxury Staunton at a very fair price

A good place to start when selecting a Staunton chess set is to know what is meant by a Staunton chess set. Staunton is a pattern or style of set, (like SUV is a style of motor vehicle) it is not a manufacturer. When deciding on a luxury chess set, look at the detail in the knight. We have written a detailed article about what to look for in a Staunton chess set with particular emphasis on the chess set knights which we hope may give you a better insight into selecting the best quality set.

The Colombian Design Staunton chessmen was introduced by TheChessPiece to the US market in 2006. It has since been copied and very poor quality replicas now flood the market. To verify the good, bad and the ugly start with a very close look at the knight. If you do not see what's in this picture then it's a copy!

The Colombian Staunton...launched by TheChessPiece.com in 2006 is the original carved masterpiece!

We stock a great selection of travel chess sets including the Complete Staunton chess sets styles and magnetic, pegged and new sets including the Complete Stallion, a fine, nicely carved compact set of chessmen in a folding board/chess box combination. This exciting 'all-in one' is only $149!

Our wide selection of carved wooden chess pieces are artistically crafted by India's finest artisans who also make our extensive line of camelbone, buffalo and serpentine decoration chess sets in the style of the finest ivory historical theme chess sets from around the world which were used for general play hundreds of years ago.

Serpentine stone chess sets such as this one are highly sought after by chess collectors

Magnificent hand painted Serpentine, a form of Jade exotic chess sets

Our bone chess piece collection is one of the largest available for purchase anywhere and are popular among chess collectors. Historically relevant chess set designs from around the world include The Muslim, Thai, Ambawari,, Pepys, Euroburmese and Calvert chess sets are examples of our historical carved bone chess sets

At TheChessPiece we design some of our own unique chess sets as well and aim to design many more quality chess sets in the future. We are the only chess supplier that offers several Staunton sets with the option of leather or felt chess piece pads and we issue our manufacturers' Certificates of Authenticity such as that supplied by Chopra with every luxury wooden Staunton chess set, as proof of quality and purchase.

We are also pleased to offer a number of wooden chess sets as themed, figurative and decorative display chess sets such as the Ambawari carved sandalwood set and Japanese chess sets and our figurine chess sets. Our metal chess sets include our Brass Chess Sets, the copper and steel Art Deco Chess Set, and the silver Chariots chess sets. and other metal chess sets which have been individually cast by artisans making copper, brass, bronze, steel and pewter chess sets all over the world.





Premium Staunton

Chess Sets

The New American, now available in nayural indiginous rosewood. A beautiful Staunton design!

The New American a genuine rosewoodset with a magnificently carved knight, only $299!

A gift for the truly discerning! This magnificent chess set is themed around the bulls and bears of the world stockmarkets. This unique chess set takes months to make and is available in strictly limited numbers.

The Financial Markets Collector Chess Set a stockbroker's dream chess set!

Destiny, features a knight carved from a single piece of wood.

Destiny has a knight carved in a SINGLE piece of wood! The ultimate in Staunton excellence!

Cool Metal Chess Pieces

The Grand Master brass set, possibly one of the nicest brass sets that you could own!

The Grand Master brass stylish chessmen for just $349

This medieval set of chessmen is one of Italfama's best. Richly sculpted, beautifully finished and easy to distinguish. Pieces are made from solid cast zinc using the lost wax process.

Medieval Brass and pewter chessmen at just $389!

The Greek Vase design is a magnificent solid brass chess set patinad in rich colors.

The Greek Vase 5.5" King Chessmen with optional bone and horn chessboard

only $499 List Price $799

Magnificent unique wood Chessmen

This tastefully hand carved 32 piece figurine chess set exhibits the skills which are rarely now seen by Indian carvers.

The Au Naturel, a tastfully hand carved nude figurine ebony and boxwood chessmen


Chess Sets

The Silvert, made of .995 Silver it's an investment as well as chess art!

The Silvert Chessmen

Our Ivory bone chess sets are available with special designer colors for the opposing hand carved chessmen making these a wonderful modern design element for home decoration.

Pepys Turquoise Camel bone Chess Set with 7" King

There's nothing more unique than a completely hand carved chess set in wood. There cn only ever be one so the artisan is rewarded just once. Bronze chess set creations reward the artisan a multitude of time due to the replication of their work in a mold.

The hand carved wooden chess sets are classic collectible items, never duplicated, 100% artisan effort!

Theme Chess Sets

Apart from having a lot of highly desireable unique and cool chess sets we have a good selection of inexpensive poly resin chess sets to our more ornate hand crafted theme sets. Theme chess sets such as Civil War, Dragons & Knights, African Animals, Sea Life and fish chess sets and fantasy chess sets are popular examples.

We ship worldwide and have many customers in Europe, Scandinavia, Australasia and the Far East where our highly competitive prices,even after, in some cases, duties and local sales taxes are applied still make us the best choice and value.

Travel Chess Sets

We have an extensive collection of travel sets which help to make those long journeys more entertaining. Suitable for the whole family aged six and above, these are either electronic, magnetic, pegged or standard chess sets.

Wooden Travel chess sets inexpensive chess games and always very popular

Our pegged, magnetic and portable chess sets are great pocket chess sets and perfect as travel chess companions and are sold in the thousands to avid chess players.

With our name as The Chess Piece we specialize in unique chess pieces and finest and interesting chess set designs in the world.  We are a popular choice for interior designers, several movie producers and professionals including lawyers and doctors seeking chess sets as prominent decor items. We supplied the Fringe chess set (Fox TV, May 2012 episodes) and White Collar chess set (USA Network, July) and other chess sets used in popular US television shows including "Copper" BBC America chess set and USA Network's Necessary Roughness chess sets.

Buy chess sets and all your other chess supplies at TheChessPiece.com. Expect Guaranteed Low Prices and Excellent Customer Service.

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Today's Specials

The Complete Staunton, a superb portable Tournament Staunton chess set. A bargain at just $99!

The Complete Staunton Tournament chess set at just $119, normally $199!

This Christmas themed chess set was hand carved by a master carver in India around 20 years ago.

The Santa Claus Indian theme set...a unique hand carved collector set in ebony and boxwood...just $499

Luxury Triple-weighted Lacquered Chessmen

The Galaxy Staunton Chessmen: a very fine lacquered set of Staunton Chessmen at just $199, normally $317.99!

Chilleni Alabaster M(marble) chess set

The Chiellini Blue and White Alabaster chess set in vibrant Blue and white $449 normally $499!

Chessboard Specials

Most with Free Shipping!

The Unique Elliptical series Chessboards in various sizes

The Elliptical Series luxury chessboards hand made in exotic padauk reduced from $249!


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Clearance Items

The are items which we are no longer going to be selling. It's an opportunity to buy a set of chessmen at a fantastic price! All sales are final!

Clearance Sale on discontinued products at a fantastic price! All sales are final.

Best Sellers

The Ultimate Staunton is a solid wood chess set which includes a full sized chessboard, wooden storage box and torunament standard double weighted chessmen.

The Ultimate Staunton at $149

The Complete Staunton folding tournament chess set with carry pouch. It's that perfect gift for the holidays!

The Complete Staunton tournament standard folding chess set with extra queens