Leather or felt pads?

When selecting a chess set, which base material should you choose?

It's completely a matter of personal preference but only at 'The ChessPiece' is this offered as an option with several of our luxury chess sets. 

Types of Chess Piece Base Pads and Their Characteristics

1. Leather (i.e. Leather, Leatherette, Naugahyde, or vinyl coated cloth)

1.  Leather pads are very durable and don't wear out.
2.  Leather pads will not stain and are easily wiped clean with a damp cloth.
3.  Leather bottom chessmen tend to stay put if the chessboard is nudged.
4.  Leather's stealth-black color lends a touch of contemporary styling.

1.  Leather pads are less soft to the touch and provide less cushioning.
2.  Leather bottom chessmen may cause slight marring of a fine wood board if grit is present.
3.  Leather base chessmen do not slide readily and tend to require lifting from square to square.
4.  Leather base chessmen tend to produce a quite audible clack when set down on a wood board.  This may be distracting or annoying to some players or to others in the room.

2. Green Felt (i.e. Woven Wool Billiard Cloth or Thick Wool Felt)

1.  Felt pads are very soft to the touch and provide excellent cushioning.
2.  Felt provides very good protection of fine wood boards from scratches.
3.  Felt bottom chessmen are very quiet when set down during play.
4.  Felted chessmen glide smoothly across a wooden board without lifting.
5.  Felt's festive green color and soft texture is more traditional and often favored by serious players.

1.  Felt pads are not as durable. (Pads can wear out after years of use.)
2.  Felt pads may become stained or soiled. (Pad may require replacement if badly worn or soiled.)
3.  Felted chessmen tend to shift if the chessboard is nudged.

'The Chess Piece' is the only vendor in the world that makes this option of either leather or felt pads on their chess sets. Despite this we offer very reasonably priced chess sets and you have the option now of saving even more by completing our brief survey below. 

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