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Chetak 4.4" Blood rosewood Chess Set
Chetak 4.4" Blood rosewood Chess Set

This is chess Art at it's best! A design featuring a magnificent life-like knight in blodrosewood and boxwood.

The King is 4.4" tall and has a base size of 1 7/8" [Leather pad diameter 1 6/8"].

Heres's more pictures showing the finest details (mouse over images below to get a different orientation):

This Chetak has a very special and unusual mane which protrudes on the knight chesspieces.

Take a very close look at the Bishop's miter and the queens coronet both are beautifully carved. Take a close look at the knight's forelock which protrudes in such a life-like manner.

 This picture shows greater contrast between the piece colors when viewed on the optional rosewood board.

More pictures giving detail as the pieces appear from above the chessboard.

This set of pieces is being displayed on our beautiful 21" x 21" (2 1/8" square) executive solid rosewood chess board which we make available as an optional item since many chess players may already have a suitable board for these size chess pieces. A chessboard square size of size of between 2 1/8" to 2 3/8" is recommended. 

This set is currently only available with leather pads.


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Absolutely amazing chess set

- 12/23/2013

I purchased this chess set in Bud Rosewood and it is absolutely stunning. The carving is outstanding with such amazing workmanship. Steve was fantastic to work with and I would highly recommend anyone to use The Chess Piece store for any chess purchase.

Overseas Customer Support

- 4/19/2013

I strongly suggest buying from thechesspiece.com. Steve Livingstone does an excellent job taking care of every possible detail of the whole process, guaranteeing that your chess set will reward your expectations. He did a great job with a difficult case like mine, several thousand miles away from the USA. Thank you Steve

Absolutely stunning chess set

- 9/21/2009

Absolutely stunning chess set. The material, weight and craftsmanship are excellent. It even impresses those who don't play the game into considering it, one of my main motivations for owning such a fine set to do battle with. I also picked up the 23" x 23" luxury board and it works wonderfully with the pieces. Service from thechesspiece was exemplary. It should be the first stop for anyone buying chess items, I'm extremely pleased it was mine.

Fantastic set!

- 6/6/2009

Fantastic set! The knights are beautiful, with an amazing amount of detail. The pictures on this site capture well the elegance of the pieces, but they’re even more stunning sitting on a board in front of you. I searched the web extensively before stumbling upon TheChessPiece, and I’m very glad I kept looking until I found it. The prices are so much lower than the competitors’, but the quality is every bit as high. The service I received was great as well. I’d also recommend getting the fitted leather case.

Positively impressed

- 1/21/2008

"The set is quite like u do expect it, just Perfect. It radiates somekinda Steady Power, making u feel that every game u play won't be less than a pure piece of art.
One special word for the protective wrapping, the pieces were protected like if they were living babies. Positively impressed."

"This is a well crafted set

- 10/25/2007

"This is a well crafted set , very pleasant to the eye.
House of Staunton sells a similar set dubbed Imperial collector for three times the cost of this gorgeous Chopra set
Without question, the superior details of the Chetak chessmen and the cost makes it a no brainer whom to purchase your chessmen from.

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