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Chetak 4.4" luxury pure ebony Chessmen with 21" chessboard option
Chetak 4.4" luxury pure ebony Chessmen with 21" chessboard option

This is chess Art at it's best! The Ebony version of our best seller, The Chetak. This is the original design made by Chopra Chess and features a magnificent life-like knight in ebony and boxwood.

Take a look at the way the forelock has been carved, in many horse breeds the forelock is shaven, but here it is shown in it's true glory. 

The mane of the Chetak chess set is magnificent!

When you mouse over the image above you will see how the queen's coronet has been beautifully sculpted and observe the delicate carving of the bishop's miter. The extra queens come standard with this fine ebony chess set. Each chess piece is carefully wrapped to ensure that you receive it in 100% perfect condition.

The pure ebony pieces exhibit a radiance not often found in such a fine chess set at this price.

The King is 4.4" tall and has a base size of 1 7/8"[Leather pad diameter 1 6/8"].

All the pictures were taken on our solid ebony chess board which measures 21" x 21" and has 2 1/8" squares. We recommend a chessboard square size of between 2 1/8 and 2 3/8"

This set of chessmen is available with a choice of either leather or felt pads! Need advise?

The Price shown is for the chessmen only but you can decide which 21" (2 1/8" squares size) version chessboard to purchase with it by selecting this from the drop down menu.


A Certificate of Authenticity is isssued with this chess set.


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Chetak 4.4

- 6/13/2011

Hi! This is my review of the Chetak 4.4 Ebony chess set. I first saw this fine set being used in a local coffee shop here in the San Francisco Bay area. After asking where he got the set, we sat down and played a few games. I found the pieces to be
well balanced and they felt good in the hand like the high end set I have from that other maker of fine sets. The pieces are carved as best they can be the knights are the best looking that I have seen in a chess in the price range. The pieces are came
leather covered bases, my friend said he weighted the pieces and said the 34 pieces came in at 128o/z. Yes there are 4 Queens and I see on the web site one can get a leather case for the pieces and a 21" chess board and felt bases if you want. So all in all as a collector of fine chess sets, I would add this one to my list as one of the best I have seen.

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