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Destiny Staunton Chessmen in bloodrosewood or ebony
Destiny Staunton Chessmen in bloodrosewood or ebony

Introducing 'Destiny' the latest of our Staunton pattern Tournament chess sets and one which features one of the finest carved knights you may ever see. The significance is in the fact that these knights are carved from a single piece of wood.The pictures show the set made in a bloodrosewood and boxwood combination but you can opt for a genuine ebony/boxwood version if you are more of a purist at this same special price. See options below:

Virtually all Staunton chess knights, (even for sets costing thousands of dollars) have a knight made of two components, a turned base and a carved knight top half. The two pieces are then connected via a dowel and then glued together. Why are they made as separate components? Because it is extremely difficult, enormously time-consuming and only the very best master craftsmen will even tackle that challenge!

Doubt us? Share this with anyone you know who plays chess, and ask them if this is remarkable! Many will say this is impossible and respond "how did they do this?" Well there's no CNC it's all to do with the talent of our carver and you have an opportunity to purchase this work at an excellent price.

To re-emphasize, Destiny is so different as she is made by one master craftsman from a single piece of wood- there are no joins! That fact alone separates this Staunton design from every other set out there in this artistic class.

As for the set itself, well this is also exceptional in every respect. The King is 4.4" tall and has a base diameter of 1 7/8". The pieces have leaded bases (now not normally used in chess manufacture) and offer quadruple weighting with the King at 4.6 ounces. All pieces have pristine cut green felt pads on their wide bases which should be expected for a fine set of custom chessmen like these.

Enormous attention to detail, in respect of quality and design, precision in turning and inspection has been applied to making this set probably the best Staunton set anyone could own at this price point. What's more the other pieces are based precisely around the very first Staunton chess set that Howard Staunton gave his name to.

Two versions exist: Bloodrosewood/boxwood and ebony/boxwood.


This set of 34 pieces can also be shipped in our luxury storage case which is available as an additional purchasable product option. The case may be viewed by following this link: http://www.thechesspiece.com/proddetail.asp?prod=Custom-Leather-storage-case-for-4-to-4-1%2F2%22-King-Staunton-chess-pieces

The pieces may also be included with the chessboard shown and also purchased separately. We recommend a chessboard with a minimum square size of 2 3/8" to 2 1/2". The board shown is our new Elliptical Series solid wood luxury Chessboards made of solid African Padauk and Maple.

Blood rosewood/boxwood or ebony/boxwood version?
Blood rosewood/boxwood
Luxury Storage Case Model PLB2?
No storage Case
Leatherette Case #PLB2 (+$129.00)
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Price: $499.00
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- 6/20/2017

I was looking for the perfect anniversary gift for my husband and I am so thankful I came across thechesspiece.com. I was in a little bit of a pinch looking for the right gift - I got in touch with Steve and he worked with me to find this incredible chess set.

The pictures of this set do not do it justice. Each piece is impeccably carved and absolutely beautiful. The pieces feel wonderful when you're playing and everyone who sees these pieces (even if they don't play!) will notice your beautiful chess set. The knight pieces are exactly as described - an amazing feat of skill to carve out of a single piece of wood!

Even if this set isn't for you - I highly recommend Steve and his business. He's wonderful to work with and will not try to "sell" you on something that isn't perfect and just what you're looking for.

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