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Euroburmese 3 1/2" Red & White Camel bone set
Euroburmese 3 1/2" Red & White Camel bone set

Beautifully carved in camel bone this Collector's set features a 3.5" King. The bases of the pieces have green felt pads (used traditionally in carved camel bone chess sets) and range in diameter from 1 1/8" (King), 1 " (Rook) and 0.8" (Pawn). This is an extremely high quality set although the design is of earlier origin. The white pieces are an ivory white color showing some of the natural color of the bone even after cleaning.

The camel bone pieces are harvested from expired camels and thoroughly cleaned and capped where necessary. There is therefore natural discoloration in some of the chess pieces which is to be expected and shows signs of the aged materials used.

These pictures were taken on our new 2" camel bone chessboard which may be purchased as an option.

This chess set would amke a great display item for an old library or that new living room to add that decorative touch of flare!

The pieces contrast well and are used by some for actual chess game play as it isn't difficult to determine which chess piece is which. This final picture shows the pieces as viewed from the side:

Each chess set takes a long time to make- there are 32 chess pieces after all that have to be intricately carved and consistent in design.




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