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Kings Cross Staunton Camel Bone Chessmen
Kings Cross Staunton Camel Bone Chessmen

How's this for a superb Staunton style set carved and decorated by hand in pure Camel bone? The stained black pieces are carved and contrast very well with the opposing white pieces- see the queens comparison. This is both a classic collectors' and Players set and very popular.

The King size is 4" tall and great for playing with as these are very distinguishable Staunton chess pieces.

The base of the King is 1 3/8" and the height is 4". This set has green billiard felt pads which makes this a great players' set.
As is consistent with sets of this quality the base diameter reduces as the piece height reduces. The base size of the bishop is just over 1". We would recommend a board with 1 1/2" squares for this set.

All the pieces are hand carved in several pieces of camel bone which are screwed together as this would not be possible to carve out of a single piece of bone at this price point. This chess set is the most popular of our camel bone series. A pure leather storage chest is available as an option when purchased with this set of chessmen.

The individual pieces are very robust, which is why you don't see camels in the desert with broken legs! But should you break a finial or queen's pinnacle then these can be easily unscrewed and replaced after correctly centering. We carry spare pieces for all our regular chess sets.


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It is very striking

- 12/18/2007

First off, great service from The Chess Piece. Very fair, friendly advice on the phone and super fast shipping that got this to me not only in time for Christmas but with so much time to spare I keep wanting to unwrap it and play with it! The King's Cross set is my first camel bone set. It is very striking, especially the black pieces. What I particularly liked about the design is that it is Staunton-based and therefore playable while still artistic. The felt pads are the best I've ever seen, the pieces are a nice size for playing or display, though the weight is a little light. All in all, a nice change from the usual Staunton and an attractive and yet playable conversation piece type of set.

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