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Mehdoot Ebony 4" King Chessmen
Mehdoot Ebony 4" King Chessmen

This routed base design is a very traditional Staunton pattern and made of 100% genuine ebony. This is NOT a stained boxwood or ebonized set, but real ebony and has been sold by us for over 10 years.  The Mehdoot is the original name used for this style of upright, full-bodied knight with elongated mane. Other pieces of interest are the King and Queen in the unique style of coronet and finial and the routed bases common to all the pieces.

This is a true triple-weighted set of Stallion Staunton chessmen with a 4" King which weighs in at 3.3 ounces. His base diameter almost 1 3/4" and this set is supplied fitted with leather pads. This is a classic tournament quality chess set that you will never regret buying and which has been used in US Chess championship games that were sponsored by TheChessPiece.com

Specifications King Queen Bishop Knight Rook Pawn
Height (inches)  4.0  3.6  3.2  2.9  2.4  2.2
Weight (ounces)  3.3  2.5  2.2  2.4  2.2  1.5
Base Diameter (inches)  1.7  1.6  1.5  1.5  1.5  1.3
#Queens    4        
#Finials (pairs)  1          

Dimensions given above are subject to slight variations.


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