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The 14" Happy Traveler Magnetic Chess Set
The 14" Happy Traveler Magnetic Chess Set

This folding magnetic 14" chess set with 1.5" squares features weighted chessmen carved in boxwood and golden rosewood. The knight is of the popular German style and a King size of 2 1/4" making this a highly portable travel chess set.

The chess pieces are stored internally inside a green foam cut out which allows you to store the pieces individually in the own shaped slots. When folded it becomes a compact 7" x 14" which is great for storage.

The Chess set folds into an easily portable 7" x 14" with locking clasps.

Makes a great gift for the young person on the move that wants to play a game without all the pieces flying off everywhere!

32 Piece Chess set includes a green protective cloth bag!

Weight 4 pounds.

List Price: $120.00

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Price: $99.00
129.00 CAD 87.85 EUR 78.95 GBP

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Good Set, highly recommend it.

- 4/16/2018

I searched for a long time on Amazon for a magnetic chess board that was nice. The reviews I found on boards ranging from $50-$150 were pretty poor. So I went off the grid and went with this board. We got it on time and the board is great. It was a birthday present to myself so my hopes were high.

The bad things that the other boards on Amazon had this one didnít. The craftsmanship was really good. The little details that everyone else was complaining about on the other boards were non existent. Things like cheap or misapplied felt, lame magnets, 2 sides not flush when opened, lines not strait, light cheap pieces, pieces of the same kind (rooks, pawns etc) were different sizes, missing magnets, bad customer service, and pieces too small for board size.

I didnít have those problems. The details were great. There wasnít anything wrong. If I could make a suggestion I would like the board to be a tiny bit harder wood. It wasnít a big deal at all and it doesnít feel cheap what so ever, but I was used to ha...

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