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The Ambawari genuine Sandalwood and ebony chessmen
The Ambawari genuine Sandalwood and ebony chessmen

A completely unique set made of fragrant sandalwood and ebony with magnificent carving displaying incredible details. 

There are 32 pieces in the set and we know it took the Indian artisan many months to carve this set years ago. This is a unique set of chessmen where each piece has been carved from a single piece of wood and isn't made from components glued together. Take a look at the way the baby elephant has been carved within the Queen piece, truly magnificent. What's astonishing is the similarity between the same pieces but on close inspection it is also clear each piece has been made by hand by an exceptional craftsman.

A truly magnificent set of carved chess pieces made from a single piece of wood. Look at the way the King protects the baby elephant and the sheer ornateness of the decoration.

The King piece measures 7" tall to the tip of the hoodah and had an oval base 3" in length and 2 1/2" in width.

The smallest piece, the pawn is 2 3/4" tall and also has an oval base measuring 1 6/8" long and 1 3/8" wide.

And as can be seen from the front, half of the pawns are facing left and the other half right.

Ambawari sets have been made in a variety of materials and small boxwood variations can be found exhibiting a fraction of the carving skills shown in this set.  We doubt that we will ever offer anything quite like this again demonstrating such wonderful carving skills. A set for the most discerning of chess collectors and fine art galleries. Here's how all the white pieces look lined up:

And the corresponding ebony pieces:

As is typical of decoration sets there is no chessboard supplied with this set of chessmen. The bases of each piece is covered in a plush velvet and these are all in excellent condition despite the age of the set.

This is a truly wonderful collector chess set that can never in our opinion be replicated with the same skill.

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