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The Colombian Knight Bloodrosewood Chess Set
The Colombian Knight Bloodrosewood Chess Set

This chess set design was launched by us in 2006 and is available in rich bloodrosewood.

The King is 4.5" tall (to tip of finial) and weighs just over 3 ounces. It has a base diameter of 1.85" with a choice of either leather or green felt pads. The picture of the white pieces above shows the excellent proportioning of all the pieces.

We love the knight in this design for the great expression and detail. Look closely at the eyes, mane, jaw bone and the attention to detail in the teeth, occipital crest, shapely ears and nostrils!

This is a racehorse ready for action!


 The Colombian Knight Chess Set: Pictures show the excellent carving of the knight and the mouse-over picture shows the detail in the King and Queen.















The carving of the knight is quite extraordinary. Just look at those eyes! The design of the other pieces are also highly commended, look at the crafting of the King and Queen, the bishop's delicately cut miter, and the multiple rings around each of the piece bodies.

Here's a picture of the different bloodrosewood pieces shown together:


The Colombian Knight Chess Set: Picture shows all the bud rosewood chess pieces.









This picture shows how the pieces contrast when viewed together on our new optional 23"x23" Executive Flat Rosewood board which has 2 3/8" squares:

The Colombian Knight Chess Set: Picture showing the pieces on the optional chess board.

This luxury chess set is supplied with extra queens.

The Board shown is offered as an additional optional purchase.

We love the knight in this design for the great expression and detail. Please be aware that since we launched this set we have seen several poor quality copies which are cheaper from several USA vendors and even one from a supplier that ships from India. 

Our advise is just take a look at the knights eyes and the color of the wood, and the size and weight of the pieces, quality of the turning, pad choices, etc.. It is sad to have to warn potential customers about this problem but there are several vendors that copy sets we have marketed for years. They normally are quite a bit cheaper but sometimes more expensive!  We do not use low grade woods, or put inexpensive iron in the base (we use lead- do the magnet test!) and we do not use  terrible knight carvers for our PREMIUM luxury sets where detail is SO important. 

A Certificate of Authenticity is isssued with this chess set.

This set is available with a choice of either leather or felt pads! Need advise?

Leather or Green felt Pads?
Leather Pads
Green Felt Pads
List Price: $600.00

You save $211.00
Price: $389.00
506.87 CAD 345.20 EUR 310.23 GBP

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Best chess set I have ever had!

- 7/4/2013

I am not going to repeat the other posts since would just say the same things!!

To add, I think a board with 2.5 inch squares go great with the set.

Now about the leather versus green felt pad option. I chose leather and I find it a little strange: when I move a piece, I tend to slide it to the new square and then I slide it around until it is in the middle of the square. I didn't realize this until I tried to move the pieces with leather pads: THEY DON"T SLIDE!!
I'm sure I'll get use to it; but it is a great set anyway!

loaded with personality.

- 8/15/2008

"The set is big, heavy, stylish, magnificent, steadily loaded with personality.
Now for the downside, it makes you wanna have no other set beside it, because none of the others sustains the competition.

I insist to mention that the support on this site is in a class of its own.

(Thank you again Steve)"

The set is gorgeous and is exactly as pictured

- 12/8/2007

Placed my order on November 27th, 2007 and received my set in Montreal on December 6th. Was delivered to my door with a COD charge of Canadian GST & PST, plus a $5 handling fee (amounting to roughly $47 CDN). The set is gorgeous and is exactly as pictured, with the exception of the fact that the rosewood pieces are a little darker in normal light than shown above. But, all in all, an excellent buy that I would recommend.

If I could give 6 stars I would.

- 10/1/2007

"Hello Steve,
I did indeed receive the chess set, board and case on Monday 24 sept 2007 at 8.30 am and it must be a record, as it was only dispatched on Friday 21 sept 2007. I am absolutely amazed at the speed of delivery and it is indeed something to be proud of, and what is more amazing is my wonderful chess set and board. Which now sits pride of place on my table in the living room, not just something to play, but to admire, also something you could pass down through the family.
If I could give 6 stars I would.
Just like to thank you once again for a wonderful chess set and the service you have given me.


gorgeous knight

- 7/20/2007

Beautiful set--gorgeous knight,heavily weighted, and much more substantial then the shown in the pictures. I had some reservation about ordering the set but once I opened box, I was totally blown away. Great set!

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