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Product ID: G-280-ETLB
The Colombian Knight Ebony chessmen with optional 23" (2 3/8" square) chessboard
The Colombian Knight Ebony chessmen with optional 23" (2 3/8" square) chessboard

This chess set design was launched by us in 2006 and is available in genuine ebony.

The King is approximately 4.5" tall (to tip of finial) and weighs 3 ounces! It has a base diameter of 1.86" with a choice of either leather or green felt pads. The picture of the white pieces above shows the excellent proportioning of all the pieces.

This Knight is possibly the most facially accurate of any we have seen. Look closely at the eyes, mane, jaw bone and the attention to detail in the teeth, occipital crest, shapely ears and nostrils! This is a racehorse ready for action!

The carving of the knight is quite extraordinary. The design of the other pieces are also highly commended, look at the crafting of the King and Queen, the bishop's delicately cut miter, and the multiple rings around each of the piece bodies.

Here's a picture of all the ebony knights:


This picture below shows the immense detail included in the carving of the knights' mane. Few suppliers would even dare show this much detail in a hand carved chess piece! 


Specifications King Queen Bishop Knight Rook Pawn
Height (inches)  4.5  3.84  3.44  3.25  2.70  2.25
Weight (ounces)  3.0  3.0  2.6  3.1  2.6  1.4
Base Diameter (inches)  1.86  1.78  1.64  1.65  1.64  1.38
#Queens    4        
#Finials (Pairs)  1          

A chessboard with minimum square size 2 1/4" squares (or 2 3/8" optimum) is recommended. Examples of suitable boards may be found here: Chessboards with 2 1/4 or 2 3/8 inch squares

Set is shipped in two cartons and is issued with our Certificate of Authenticity.

The Price shown is for the chessmen only but you can decide which 23" (2 3/8" squares size) version chessboard to purchase with it by selecting this from the drop down menu.

A Certificate of Authenticity is isssued with this chess set.

Leather or Green felt Pads?
Leather Pads
Green Felt Pads
List Price: $600.00

You save $251.00
Price: $349.00
454.75 CAD 309.70 EUR 278.33 GBP

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Well Pleased

- 9/19/2012

Overall very pleased with this set.

The knights are obviously the showcase pieces: the faceted neck facilitates picking up the piece there rather than by the head near the fragile ears. The queen stands out for her raised coronet points which give a different look compared to other Staunton designs in which the center cap of the coronet is raised. Likewise, the slightly flared crenels of the rook are attractive and distinctive.

The bishop in my view is the weakest piece. I could have wished to eschew the finial and brought the entire upper part of the mitre to that height.

I found 2.5" board squares to be an excellent fit for these pieces.

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