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The Complete Staunton Chess Set
The Complete Staunton Chess Set

This beautifully manufacturered full size Staunton pattern chess set comes with Board, storage box, FOUR queens and convenient green storage bag as standard! The Board measures (18" X 18" )

The Complete Staunton shown closed

















Fully designed to meet the demands of the modern chess player...rugged design, new, sleek, stylish Staunton pattern with extra queens as standard!

Wonderfully finished board in a rich lacquer with pieces including extra queens which fit snugly inside the box preventing damage.

The Complete Staunton- open case.

Key Features

*Tournament sized 3 3/4" King with 1 1/2" base and weighing around 2 ounces
*FOUR Queens as standard
*Modern Sleek Staunton pattern with anti-chip features make it both elegant and robust.
*Beautifully inlaid board with 1 7/8" squares with multi-lacquered high gloss finish.
*Tough, thick velveteen internal liner holds pieces securely, including extra queens
*Triple hinged board opens perfectly flat with virtual zero gap in middle.
*Superb Price and outstanding quality and craftsmanship
*Supplied complete with velveteen storage bag to prevent scratching to the board surface.

The Complete Staunton, the perfect compact tournament set and travel companion.

List Price: $169.00

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Price: $149.00
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Great set and Excellent customer service

- 4/17/2011

This is a beautiful chess set. The pieces are intricately carved, especially the knights. The pieces are also weighted giving them a satisfying heft. The board is extremely well constructed with 1/8 inch thick squares of inlaid wood. The board is made with dovetail joints and the squares on the playing surface are perfectly flush. The brass clasps work well, but seem a little flimsy. This is a very minor point but for such high quality woodwork I am surprised they didn't use better clasps to match. The foam insert snugly holds all pieces such that you can hold the board upside down and they don't budge.
After I placed my order there was a problem with availability and I didn't receive it for a while, but every time I spoke with the people at thechesspiece they were very friendly, professional and always gave me updates on the status of my order. I highly recommend this set and I would feel very confident purchasing any product from thechesspiece in the future.

The Chess Pieces and Board are beautiful...

- 1/31/2010

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