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The James Bennett Series 18" Luxury Chessboard
The James Bennett Series 18" Luxury Chessboard

At TheChessPiece we are always pleased to introduce new products inspired by ourselves, our vendors and our customers.

One of our many valued customers, James Bennett purchased a fine set of chessmen from us and then was so impressed with the set he personally designed a chessboard which he thought would best suit and enhance the artistic value. He was so pleased with the result he sent us pictures and allowed us to take the idea to market. We were so inspired with the design we put it into production ourselves and this series completely emerged as a result of that great customer-vendor interaction.

Completely different from anything else,  these boards are hand made in the exotic wood padauk and maple and are available here with a square size of 1.75”.   The chessboard overall sizes is 18" x 18".

The rails are made of a solid piece of padauk with the embellishment routed out of part of that same piece of wood which emphasizes the shape and board geometry. The underside is covered completely with lush black felt which will protect the surface on which it is placed whether a fine piece of furniture or a table.

The last picture shows how redwood and bloodrosewood pieces look like on this board. Other pieces which look good are our brass chessmen where there's a good contrast between the maple squares and the brass chessmen.

Price is for the chessboard and does not include the chess pieces displayed on it. The set of pieces shown is our popular Alban set which van be purchased separately.

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