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The Madison Jefferson Bone Chessmen
The Madison Jefferson Bone Chessmen

This very attractive bone design which we refer to as the "Madison-Jefferson" features considerable artistic turning and carving. It is so named because our former presidents Madison and Jefferson used to play their favorite game with an almost identical pattern set at Madison's home in Orange, VA. George Washington owned a similar style of chess set which this style of Barleycorn is often referred to as. Some chess collectors refer to this also as a rope design by virtue of the rope patern around the bodies of the King and Queen.

It features a King which is 4 1/4" tall and a base diameter of 1 3/8" with green felt pads.

 Barleycorn is an English bone design of the late 18th Century. One side stained red, the other side left natural, kings with petalled crowns and multi-knopped stems, queens with ball finials, bishops with split mitres, knights with arched horses' heads, rooks as turrets with spire finials and raised on baluster knopped columns, pawns with tear-drop shaped finials, the king 4 1/4" high, the pawn 2 1/8" high.

The pictures are shown on our optional camel bone chessboard which is sold separately. We recommend you select the 20" version which has 2" squares.


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Historic chess sets associated with american chess sets

- 8/27/2018

The information in the description of this bone set is so wrong it is almost incomprehensible.Barleycorn sets do not look like this.
Ropetwist sets do not look like this. The set called after George Washington does not look like this.

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