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The Musicians fine bone chess set
The Musicians fine bone chess set

This is a one of a kind hand sculpted chess set in buffalo bone and decorated by hand.

It is not difficult to judge the extraordinary skill of the indian artisan that carved these chess pieces.

Comprising 32 pieces each piece is unique and would make a superb musically inclined chess player/chess collector.

The pictures have been taken on a 23" x 23" rosewood chess board with 2 3/8" squares but which is NOT included in the price. Bone chess pieces like these also look very good on our camel bone and horn chessboards. In this case we recommend a larger board with 2 1/2" squares.

This is how the red line of chessmen appear.

When you compare the red chess pieces above with the opposing green pieces below it isn't difficult to see the skill that went into making them. You will notice that each of the pawns are playing different musical instruments!

This is the picture showing the green chessmen which have each been individually carved and hand decorated.

Finally time to take another look at the major pieces so as to see greater detail of the painting in this bone chess set.

Another picture of the major musician chess pieces to show the quality of the hand decoration.

The height of the tallest 'King" piece is 4 3/4" and it has a base diameter of 1 1/2". Each piece has a cushioning pad of green felt so as to ensure that the chess board that is used is protected from scratching. 

This chess set is supplied with a blue velvet-lined carry case for storage.

If this chess set appears out of stock then please use the link below to be automatically informed when it next arrives in stock. 


Price: $1,199.00
1,562.30 CAD 1,063.99 EUR 956.20 GBP

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