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The New American

- 11/4/2010

Elegant, refined, heirloom quality describe this beautiful chess set. I bought it as a triple decker along with the African Padauk board and when my daughter walked into the den and saw it she said, "Oh, Wow!" Needless to say, her appreciation of this purchase has me sold on getting another set that I have my eye on. You won't go wrong with a set from The Chess Piece.

it will be a family treasure for generations

- 12/20/2007

This set is just gorgeous, it will be a family treasure for generations ... I have never seen or handled a knight with such presence and power ... the attention to detail is extraordinary, and the "feel" is well balanced and solid. The lines of the other pieces are equally powerful and refined - the pictures do not even come close to doing them justice. This is by far the most beautifully designed and executed set I have ever played. I could go on and on. If you are considering this set, do not hesitate - you will be delighted with it!

"It seems that I often find myself attracted visually to graceful things, and this chess set was no exception

- 6/28/2007

"It seems that I often find myself attracted visually to graceful things, and this chess set was no exception. Spend just a brief time comparing the design of these pieces with those of other high-end chess sets, and you may discover, as I did, that this set possesses a sense of artistry which you won’t easily find in comparably-priced sets. I ordered the ebony set with the executive 21-inch striped ebony board, and I couldn’t be more satisfied with it. When you hold the pieces in your hand, feel their substantial (yet unencumbering) weight, and see them displayed on the board, you realise the organic curves of this Staunton design flawlessly coupled with the degree of precision evident in the craftsmanship, and that these pieces were painstakingly handcrafted and not manufactured ‘en masse’, stamped out of or extruded into a mould like the cheap plastic regulation Staunton pieces every chess enthusiast has encountered. Indeed, the knight— as perhaps the single most commonly varied piece between differing Staunton styles and the outlet of creative expression by chess designers— in this set, with its original design, the dynamism of its uniquely sculpted mane and its delicately rendered bridle, is worth the price of admission alone.

But can a Staunton chess set be interesting? I believe it can. This ‘New American’ design has infused a rarely-seen beauty and sense of balance reminiscent of fine art sculpture into what the modern world would otherwise recognise as the ubiquitous boring, standard chess pieces. A quick glance at this set will register it immediately as conforming to the familiar tournament style, but the discerning eye will see so much more in the details. As a set which I personally feel would comply with regulations in any tournament setting, this design reflects the pinnacle of the Staunton form. I would recommend this set to anyone considering purchasing a chess set of lasting value."

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