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The New American Red rosewood Chessmen
The New American Red rosewood Chessmen

This highly successful 4" King exclusive design commissioned by TheChessPiece.com features a knight with a significantly protruding mane and other unusual features in a more finely carved bridled knight. It was the first set in the range of chessmen that provided for a choice of pads and also supplied with turret caps and additional finials.

The New American Chess Set: Picture contrasts thetwo knight chess pieces.

















This set is very luxurious, and consistent with TheChessPiece.com pricing policy is very affordable allowing volume sales to many chess players and collectors.

Here's a picture contrasting the boxwood pieces with the redrosewood pieces:

The New American Chess Set: Picture shows the color contrasting between the chess pieces.










Featuring a triple-weighted 4" King, this set is made in both traditional boxwood (white pieces) and redrosewood (opposing pieces).The rooks have very finely cut crenallations (as in battlements in a castle) and are supplied with turret caps which are supplied loose, so a player can if he uses these, change the look of these pieces. Turret caps are provided because it is very difficult to provide a polished finish inside the rook's turret due to the direction of the grain of the wood.

The queen has a very intricately carved coronet and the bishops have deep, broad miters.

The New American: Note the unusual rook caps!

This set is available with a choice of pads in either leather or green billiard board felt.

The base diameter is 1 3/4" and a rosewood board with 2 1/8" squares is recommended and offered as an option as shown. Please note. The pictures show the budrosewood version which we no longer supply and the new version is made of bloodrosewood which has a very similar color. New pictures will be added soon.

This is a 34 piece set and supplied with extra queens as standard. We would recommend that you consider the optional leather tray storage case to individually protect the pieces and our luxury chess board.

A Certificate of Authenticity is isssued with this chess set.

This set is also available in genuine ebony at the special sale price of $299!

Leather or Green felt Pads?: Leather PadsGreen Felt Pads
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Awsome Design!!!!

- 5/12/2010

I really love the fact that these pieces are weighted and they don't tip over easy. Awsome Design!!!!


- 5/9/2010

As a dealer & a collector of fine chess equipment, I HIGHLY recommend this set on a number of points. The quality of the wood used in the carving is first rate (no knots, & no stripes in the Ebony or Boxwood), and the carving is what you would expect for a set costing more than twice as much. You will not find a Bishop carved any better regards of the price (the miter and its undercut are in perfect proportion to its size), ANYWHERE in the world today! The symmetry and taper of the Bishop's body is so well balanced it will fit almost perfectly in any size hand. The "little touches" such as the turrent caps for the rooks are not found on even the most expensive sets today, and that is just ONE of the items that makes this set one of the finest Staunton patterns available. The Knight is even more stunning than in the photos, and its original design makes for a striking presence on even the most basic board designs. The slight bevel to the nicely proportioned bases on the pieces gives them stability even for...

worth every penny!!!!

- 4/27/2010

This chess set is worth every penny!!!!


- 4/4/2010

INCREDIBLE !!!! This is a beautifully designed chess set that I highly recommend for all. I just finished placing the pieces on my chess table and the sense of pride in owning this set is awesome!!!

Wonderful Set

- 4/1/2010

Wonderful Set!!!!

A+++++ 5/5 STARS!!!!!!!

- 5/9/2009

I would recommend anyone to invest in this getting this chess set A+++++ 5/5 STARS!!!!!!!

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