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The New Moro camelbone chessmen
The New Moro camelbone chessmen
This 32 piece set of  camel bone chessmen is based on the original Moro design. The Moro design is indigenous to the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. It is a predominantly Muslim design with simple features with the exception of the knights which are very ornate, with okir carvings that are patterned after the panulong of a Maranao royal house called the torogan. There are theories as to why this style of knight was designed and we don't know. We can't help but think that this was designed to incorporate the Sarimanok plumage which is a legendary bird of the Maranao people. Manok is a Philippino word for chicken and a sign of good fortune...just what you need when playing chess!

It has a king size of 2.25" and a base size of 1" The smallest piece, the pawn is 3/4" tall. Fashioned from camel bone this set has very fine turned lines and works very well with our 1 1/2" hand made camel bone chessboard which may be purchased separately. The opposing black pieces are also carved in bone and have been stained black.

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