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The Northern Upright
The Northern Upright

The Northern Upright (or Edinburgh) chess set was a popular precursor of the Staunton pattern and is thought to have partly inspired the first Staunton design. Our Northern Upright set is an accurate reproduction of this early 19th century pattern. The highly skilled artisans at Chopra Chess have painstakingly researched this set to be faithful to the original designs of that period. The result is a strikingly handsome chess set with authentic historical interest. These chessmen are impressive as well for their generous dimensions. The King is 4 1/4" high with a base diameter of 1 3/4". The chessmen are generously weighted, with good balance, and come with leather slides. For this set we recommend a board with square size of 2 1/8" to 2 1/4".

Here's a picture of the boxwood pieces:

The Northern Upright Chess Set: This picture shows teh boxwood pieces.

And this is what they look like together:

The Northern Upright series of chess sets: This picture shows the contrasting colors of the bud and boxwood pieces.

The white pieces are made of boxwood. The opposing pieces are now available in budrosewood or pure ebony.

A Certificate of Authenticity is isssued with this chess set.

Bud Rosewood or Ebony?
Bud Rosewood/Boxwood
Pure Ebony/Boxwood
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Classy Library Set

- 1/31/2010

"I purchased this set to go with an antique chess table that my wife and I recently bought for a library room. Not being frequent players, we were looking for something classy, unique and with a high visual appeal more like artwork in addition to something that was a functional chess set.

In short, we love this set. The pieces are beautifully carved and have a very rich look to them. The budrosewood pieces look great on black squares and Im glad I chose them over ebony as you can see a lot of wood grain. The weighting of the pieces makes them feel wonderfully solid to the touch and adds to the playing experience. The pieces are inviting to us and to our children and we have already used them more than I might have expected. Overall the quality is excellent.


- 10/4/2008

"Just got the Northern Upright Ebony set. WOW!! The pictures on the site just can't convey how beautiful this set is. Very hefty feel, excellent design, and surprising level of craftmanship, particular given the price.

I am very very satisfied.

Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect is the historical- almost museum caliber- aspect of their display

- 4/24/2008

I received my Northern Upright/Edinburgh pieces about a week ago now, and continue to be impressed with such high quality of rosewood/boxwood and their carvings. These are VERY imposing pieces (King stands 4 1/2", with many other pieces nearly 4"... even the pawns must be 3 3/4" tall)! Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect is the historical- almost museum caliber- aspect of their display. I like the design being Staunton-esque, but NOT actually Staunton, if you see my point? Almost feel I have to go out and refinish my chess table to bring it 'up to snuff' with this excellent set.

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