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The Original Staunton in ebony and boxwood
The Original Staunton in ebony and boxwood

The very first Staunton chess piece design (referred latterly as Staunton pattern) was the design of Nathaniel Cook and later was endorsed by English Chess Champion, Howard Staunton in 1849.

The Staunton design has since gone through many iterations expressing art in the set and some individual masterpieces of master knight carvers with authentic and magnificent beauty in the horse (knight) carving which differs so much from the original, yet simplistic design from a master carvers point of view. 

In actuality, the original is much more difficult to create than meets the eye. Our "Original Staunton" design we present here is a modern recreation of ours that took many months to complete to ensure that it was as near to the original Staunton (Cooke) pattern set of chessmen that was first released and given Howard Staunton's name. 

This set of 34 chessmen are of extremely high quality and will not disappoint any truly discerning buyer. The pieces are very well weighted and are being offered at a very special price for the season.

Comprising genuine ebony and buffed boxwood these pieces are a pleasure to handle with wider than normal base dimensions and excellent proportioning. Take a look at each individual piece including the carving of the wafer thin collars on the pawns...

The King is 4.41" tall and has a base dimension of 1.95" with beautifully cut, billiard felt pads. The finishing of the ebony is superb (better than our amateur pictures show) and this extends to the consistency in the boxwood pieces too.

The King weighs 3.7 ounces and the complete set weighs 5lbs 4.5 ounces with additional queens.

They say a picture conveys a thousand words...we give pictures of each piece in up to 1500 pixels exposing every single possible detail...ask any competitor of ours to do that and you may be surprised at their response! We are not pro photographers and we do not Photoshop our pictures so what you see is what you get.

Specifications here:


Specifications King Queen Bishop Knight Rook Pawn
Height (inches)  4.41  3.61  3.26  2.79  2.51  2.12
Weight (ounces)  3.7  3.2  2.4  2.2  2.8  1.4
Base Diameter (inches)  1.95  1.84  1.61  1.61  1.6  1.39
#Queens    4        
#Finials (pairs)  1          


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Price: $349.00
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- 6/6/2015

Thank you Steve! The set is wonderful with excellent lines, symmetry and proportions. I deeply value your vision at creating a set that embodies "The Original Staunton". Buyers: This set rivals other companies $600-800 sets,( I know, I own them) yet is half the price!! Buy one today-Paul

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