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The Pepys bud rosewood Chess Pieces
The Pepys bud rosewood Chess Pieces

This hand carved budrosewood chess set features an 8" King and very detailed embellishments. The wood graining is beautiful and would be appreciated for it's rich antique-like appearance. Although the King's base size is 2 1/8" the chessboard square size needed should be at least 2 1/2". In many cases this could be considered too small but this ratio is offset by the smaller bases of the other pieces. The pawns base size being 1 3/8".

Here's a picture of the boxwood pieces with the bud rosewood chess pieces lined up:

The Towers Chess Set: The picture shows the color contrast that exists between the boxwood and bud rosewood pieces.














Take a closer look at the detailing in the carving:

The Towers Chess Set: Closeup view to show the detailed carving in each chess piece.

This 32 piece chess set would make a fine addition for any chess collector who wishes to combine an historical theme with a set made of an increasingly rare wood, bud rosewood.


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