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The Regal Padauk
The Regal Padauk

Do you notice so many artistically carved sets tend to be on the 4"+ side?  These chessmen are suitable for a board with 1 3/4" squares and so will not take up room in that apartment or office. This Regal design has a very appealing style. These are beautifully hand carved and turned solid wooden pieces, double weighted and felted. The main feature to this amazingly detailed set are the knights. The knights are nicely carved making this a fascinating set and great value given the wood and carving/turning quality.

Features a 3 Inch King with 1.5" base diameter on green felted pads. Made of boxwood and padauk. 

Price: $139.00
181.12 CAD 123.35 EUR 110.85 GBP

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Great Little Set!

- 7/16/2014

A very nice little set. Perfect size for playing in confined spaces, like coffee shops and cafes. Though, in a pinch, it fits on a 1.75” chess board, it plays best on a 2” board. The wide, triple-stacked pedestal bases give the pieces a low center of gravity for great stability -- you won’t be knocking these over in the midst of a game!

Though only 3” tall, it plays like a bigger set, with the pieces scaled much larger than other similarly sized sets. And the unique design attracts a lot of attention from strangers. Most react as if they’ve seen a small puppy, “how cute!”

Typically, smaller sets are less detailed with a rougher fit and finish than larger, more expensive ones. Not so in this case, the knights are wonderfully carved, with a regal presence and in fine detail. The color of my dark pieces is deeper and richer than shown in the photo, which I prefer. All the pieces are nicely polished, which really makes the padauk stand out. Overall, an excellent value for the money. Highly recommended!

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