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The Silvert
The Silvert

This is a  'one of a kind' hand-made exquisite set of chess men cast in pure silver and Meenakari enamel painted. The King height is 2.0" on a silver oval base measuring 1 5/8" x 1 1/4". Here's some more pictures of detailing their individual beauty and the craftsmanship that has gone into making these enameled Indian Figurine Elephant, Howdah and Maharajahs.

The roof of the howdahs are decorated with faux pearl and beads sourced locally in Varanasi and these are secured with brass wire.
Silver wire is not used as it is too soft and would make these far too fragile.

Meenakari is basically an ancient form of art in India that has been praised since its introduction for the superb designs and combination of colours. From the prime age of this craft, the artisans were named as meenakar who were involved in creating different Meenakari items.









After the chess piece is poured and the soldering has been completed the enameller applies different colours with brushes on the chess piece design. The base is first covered by white or pink enamel, upon which different colours are applied in order of their hardness. It is then heated to enhance the richness of the colours. Gulabi mina (pink enamel) is derived from gulab (rose) which has been popularly associated with the Varanasi enamelling style.



This reproduction set is based on the original Ivory Jaipur enamelled and bejewelled chess men of the 19th Century Hafner Collection. The King and queen in the original set are robed in comparisons and crescents mounted with rose diamonds. Although cast from a .999 block of pure silver the soldering and meenakari enameling process results in a final .995 silver decorative product as confirmed by the manufacturer.

Price is for the set of 32 chessmen only and does not include chessboard shown.



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