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The Ultimate Staunton Chess Set
The Ultimate Staunton Chess Set

This is the Ultimate Staunton, our beautifully manufacturered full size (18" X 18") Staunton pattern chess set comes with solid wood Board nearly 1" thick with green felt underlay, wonderfully crafted storage box (6" x 9" x 3 1/2") and matching chess pieces made in specially selected golden rosewood and boxwood.

This set comes with Extra Queens as well and is offered at an outstanding price considering this is an entirely SOLID wood products. ..No laminates or veneers used here!

Double weighted pieces have a torunament sized King at 3 3/4" tall with base diameter of 1 1/2". All pieces have green billiard cloth fitted pads which enable them to slide effortlessly across the chessboard. The chessboard measures 18" x 18" and has 2" squares.

Key Features

*Traditional Staunton pattern with the ever popular German knight.
*Tournament sized 3 3/4" King with 1 1/2" base and weighing around 2 ounces
*FOUR Queens as standard
*Modern Sleek Staunton pattern with anti-chip features make it both elegant and robust.
*Beautiful solid wood board with 2" squares with high buff, matt finish.
*Tough, solid wood storage box stores pieces including the extra queens
*Superb Price and outstanding quality and craftsmanship
*Ship weight is 15 lbs. This is an entirely solid wood product.


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