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Sapele and birds eye maple veneer 17" chessboard with 2" squares
Product ID: 50440SM


This medium sized 17.3" chessboard has 2" squares would be suitable for most chess sets with a king size up to 4" and additionally for other correctly proportioned chessmen with a king base diameter of no more than 1 3/4".

This chessboard looks great and is very inexpensive. It is made of a combination of Sapele and maple veneers so isn't a solid wood chessboard.

List Price: $69.00
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Price: $53.96
69.24 CAD 45.86 EUR 40.39 GBP
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Custom Leather storage case for  3 1/2" King Staunton chess pieces Imperfect
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This custom leather lockable Storage case has been designed to safely accommodate Staunton pattern pieces with up to a 3 1/2" King.Beautiful leatherette chess case 18 inches by 18 inches with 3 inch thickness. Internal velveteen slots to pamper the individual pieces. The chessmen slot into the individual slots that match the shape of the chess pieces. Two locks for added strength and security. This is a wise investment if you have that heirloom chess set that you wish to protect for future generations.

This chess case is more flat than other models and has a sturdy handle. As you can see from the pictures there is also room for the storage of a chessboard if this is no more than 17.5" x 17.5" and no more than 3/4" thick.

The case weighs 7lbs, 8 lbs shipped. A beautiful chess box.

Two cases inspected have some discoloration on the vinyl. It may quite possibly be cleaned with a Clorox wipe or other non-abrasive cleaner. It for this reason this is sold off at such a low price but we regret we cannot give free shipping on this item.

List Price: $132.00
You save $73.00
Price: $59.00
75.71 CAD 50.14 EUR 44.16 GBP
Classic Staunton traditional, inexpensive wooden chessmen
Product ID: CS1
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A very well priced solid wood attractive general purpose set of chess pieces offered at a wholesale price! This is a German style Staunton set of chessmen made in sheesham wood and boxwood. The King is 3 3/4" tall and has a base diameter of 1.6" with felt pads. These are often purchased to be used with an existing chessboard with 2" squares. The set is double weighted and is an excellent choice for that chess club or regular home and school play!

The robustness of plastic with the elegance of natural wood!

 A board with minimum 2" squares is recommended. Price is for the chessmen only chessboard shown is not included.
This set of pieces weighs 3 lbs ounces.
Extra Queens included!

List Price: $79.99
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Price: $59.99
76.98 CAD 50.99 EUR 44.90 GBP
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Competition Pro Digital Chess Game Clock
Product ID: CZ01


Saitek’s Competition Pro game clock is the clock you can rely on. Rugged enough for the heavy handed and advanced enough to have many timing features, this clock will meet your requirements. Suitable for a variety of games, from competitive chess matches to family games of Scrabble.

List Price: $74.95
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Price: $64.99
83.40 CAD 55.24 EUR 48.65 GBP
Solid Metal Chessmen with mini King
Product ID: 65M


This is a cute and inexpensive set of Italian made chessmen. 32 pieces with 2" King with a 0.75" base diameter. We recommend a chessboard with 1" squares which is not included.

List Price: $69.00
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Price: $65.00
83.41 CAD 55.24 EUR 48.65 GBP
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Small Camel bone and horn chessboard 7/8" Squares
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Product ID: A-SP-FESC-CB-8-F


This series of hand made chessboards has been designed to compliment our camel bone chessmen. Fabricated in a combination of bone and horn this particular chess board has 7/8" squares. The outside dimension is 8" x 8" and it has a black felt protective underside.

Price: $69.00
88.54 CAD 58.64 EUR 51.65 GBP
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Modern Art Chess Set
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Product ID: Mod1


Our Modern Art Chess Set taken from the Avant-garde era is made from Premium Grade Golden Rosewood and Boxwood. It is crafted beautifully, with its stunning and unique design. This artistic and distinguished chess set will take pride of place as a centre piece in your home or office.

This Chess set has a 108mm (4.25") tall king, all Chess pieces are Double Weighted for extra stability, have tapered bases with luxurious billiard cloth base pads. They are hand polished which results in a beautiful lustre finish.

This set of modern chessmen may be purchased with the optional solid wood chessboard shown and will then also qualify for free shipping..

List Price: $149.99
You save $80.99
Price: $69.00
88.54 CAD 58.64 EUR 51.65 GBP
Staunton Special Stained black
Product ID: SP1E


This is an interesting ebonized Staunton design with stained black and boxwood pieces. Featuring a 3 1/2" King with a base diameter of 1 1/4" this set works well on a chessboard with a square size no less than 1 1/2". These pieces are medium weighted and have green felt pads and make a nice inexpensive addition to an avid chess players' collection.

The third picture shows how these pieces appear on our rosewood chessboard with 1 1/2" squares. If you have the budget we would recommend a slightly larger board of 1 3/4" squares.

The price shown is for the chessmen only and we offer the chessboard shown as an optional additional purchase.

List Price: $99.00
You save $30.00
Price: $69.00
88.54 CAD 58.64 EUR 51.65 GBP
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Floral folding Backgammon and Chess Set
Product ID: 26211CC


Floral Decoupage Wood Folding Backgammon 2.75" German Chessmen wtd/ftd 15"x8"x2" closed

King Height (Inches) 2.75
Chess Board Squares (Inches) 1.25
Chess Board Length (Inches) 15
Chess Board Width (Inches) 16
Chess Board Thickness (Inches) 1

Weight (LBS) 3.5

List Price: $90.00
You save $21.00
Price: $69.00
88.54 CAD 58.64 EUR 51.65 GBP
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Luxury lockable Leather Storage Chest in pure leather
Product ID: LSB1
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This pure leather storage chest (not leatherette) measures 10" x 7" x 4" and will accommodate 34 pieces of up to 5" King. Unlike the larger cases we sell, this one is made of genuine leather.

List Price: $79.99
You save $10.00
Price: $69.99
89.81 CAD 59.48 EUR 52.39 GBP

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