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Ebony and birds eye maple veneer 22" chessboard with 2.4" squares
Product ID: 60560EBC


This large sized 22" chessboard with 2.4" squares would be suitable for most large chess sets with a king size up to 5" and additionally for other correctly proportioned chessmen with a king base diameter of no more than 2.1".

This chessboard is very inexpensive when compared with our solid wood boards. It is made of a combination of ebony and maple veneers but is machined and finished very well with a matte finish.


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Napoleon Knight Redwood Chess Set CLEARANCE SET
Product ID: G-208-BTL
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This is the redwood version of our popular 6" ebony chess set which we have been marketing for over eight years. Rich in colors this is a great set to feature in any home where a chess center piece is desired. We recommend a chessboard with 2 1/2" squares and which is not included at this price. Given the size of the knights a larger board would not be inappropriate.

We have ONE set available as a CLEARANCE set at much less than cost price which has one imperfect color mismatch in the knight base and has a chip in it which was shipped to us by our vendor. All other pieces are 100% perfect and complete. This set is sold as NON-returneable.

List Price: $599.00

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Price: $99.00
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