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Modern large Magnetic Chess Set
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Product ID: 68030


A uniquely designed travel chess set with plastic cast wood tone chessmen, magnetized for convenience during travel.

The king of this set stands 3 inches tall.
The pieces are made of wood tone cast resin on the dark side, and ivory tone resin on the light side.
They are magnetized, and padded on the bottom for smooth contact with the board.

The chessboard features a wood grain graphic image, covering a metal board beneath.
The board measures 11 inches across and 12.5 inches from end to end, with 1.4 inch playing squares.


Price: $26.95
35.12 CAD 23.92 EUR 21.49 GBP
Ultimate Travel Pack, 6 games in 1.
Product ID: 520-2


Now you can play your favorite games with this unique 6-in-1 set. Best of all, the games can be stored easily in one convenient carrying case.

  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Backgammon
  • Texas Hold 'EM 
  • Dominoes
  • Playing Cards

Magnetic chess, checkers & backgammon pieces make for convenient play at home or on the road!


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Price: $29.99
39.08 CAD 26.61 EUR 23.92 GBP
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Magnetic 5" x 5" Travel Chess set
Product ID: MAG-5LQ-DRW
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This quality magnetic 5" x 5" travel chess set is a very popular size and offered at a really great price! It is constructed of boxwood and sheeshamwood board and has a sliding storage tray which accommodates the magnetic chess pieces.

List Price: $35.00

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Price: $31.46
40.99 CAD 27.92 EUR 25.09 GBP
Magnetic Folding Travel Chess Set 5" x 10"
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Product ID: 68105


This Magnetic Travel Chess Set in Golden Rosewood is an ideal gift for chess lovers! Strong magnets don't allow pieces to fall off even if board is held upside down.

The chess pieces are hand carved in Staunton design in a combination of Golden Rosewood/Boxwood and a special lacquer coating has been applied on all the chess pieces. Every Chess piece fits into the special Insert which has been made according to the shape of the chess pieces.

The 32 chess pieces have magnetic felt-backed bases unlike many versions sold elsewhere which have paper pads. 


List Price: $74.95

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Price: $55.00
71.67 CAD 48.81 EUR 43.86 GBP
10" x 10" Square Magnetic Chess Set
Product ID: 10MAGSQ1
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An exceptional travel magnetic chess set made in a golden rosewood and boxwood combination with a King at 2.0 inches high and a total weight of just over 3 lbs. The set measures 10 inches x 10 inches and is 1.75 inches thick. The set has an internal insert for each chess piece within the sliding drawer. This comes with the German knight design and single queens as shown in the pictures.

With many cheap travel sets on the market, this isn't one of them - a very good value and high quality magnetic chess set. 

It is supplied with a high quality thick black zippered vinyl carry bag. Most other vendors supply a cheap thin cloth velour green bag.

Please note. This set is made of golden rosewood and boxwood. Due to very strict export controls introduced as a result of the CITES treaty and proof of origin this wood cannot be exported from India without a government license. As a result most manufacturers are now using Acacia wood as a substitute which looks very similar. Once our stock is exhausted we will no longer be supplying this product in this format.


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Price: $99.00
129.00 CAD 87.85 EUR 78.95 GBP
The 14" Happy Traveler Magnetic Chess Set
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Product ID: SH914M
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This folding 14" magnetic chess set with 1.5" squares features weighted chessmen carved in boxwood and golden rosewood. The knight is of the popular German style and a King size of 2 1/4" making this a highly portable travel chess set.


List Price: $120.00

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Price: $99.00
129.00 CAD 87.85 EUR 78.95 GBP