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The Euro Calvert variation
Product ID: ECV1


This 32 piece hand made bone chess set has a 4" King. Featuring a Euro-calvert mix design it is interesting and yet simple. The delicately carved finials and turrets give this an unusual and yet pleasant modern twist. The King's  base diameter is 1 1/4" and all pieces have green felt bases. The white pieces are ivory white and the opposing pieces are stained red common for the era represented.

A chessboard with 1 1/2" squares is recommended with this set of chessmen and is sold separately.

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Moscawa Ivory and Black Camel bone chess pieces
Product ID: CBMOS1
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An exquisite camel bone design featuring alternate crosses and bifurcated bishops. The King measures 4 1/4" and the base is 1 1/4" in diameter. All pieces as is customery with camel bone sets have green felt slides.


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Alexander the Great Half Figure 3" Camel bone
Product ID: HFCB1


This figurine Alexander the Great chess set has been hand-carved out of camel bone and features a 3" King with 1 3/8" base diameter. The opposing (black) pieces shown above have stained and very ornate black pedestals which are also made of bone to differentiate them from the white piece.


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