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The Berliner
Product ID: G-223-KDF


An interesting contemporary design in boxwood and ebonized boxwood featuring a 3 3/4" King with felt green pads and base diameter of 1 7/16".

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Price: $99.00
129.00 CAD 87.85 EUR 78.95 GBP
Animals Theme Chessmen
Product ID: CWAN1


This exquisitely carved animal chess set is supplied as a redsandalwood and boxwood combination  of 32 chessmen. The King (Lion) measures 4" and has a base diameter of 1 1/2". A chessboard with 2" squares is recommended as the smallest piece, the pawn is 3" tall on it's footprint of 1 1/8".

Due to strict CITES export controls we are not able to export this set outside of the USA


List Price: $399.00

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Price: $149.00
194.15 CAD 132.22 EUR 118.83 GBP
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The Galaxy Chessmen
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Product ID: GLX1


Our product "The Galaxy Chessmen" is manufacturered for us by a trusted manufacturer in India. A YouTube video depicting the chaos and vast expanse of the universe inspired us to refer to it as The Galaxy.  

Each piece has been hand carved and carefully prepared before being hand painted by our skilled artisans with high grade paints which have a long life and are very durable.  Additional durability is gained from a further clear lacquer protection coating which adds an additional layer of lustre. The king in the set stands 4.4" high. This is a set of 34 chessmn as this includes 2 extra queens. This set is triple weighted and the chess pieces have thick green felt on their bases. The finish is very smooth making them nice to handle during play.


List Price: $299.00

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Price: $149.00
194.15 CAD 132.22 EUR 118.83 GBP
Majestic Apache ebony design
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Product ID: G-Maj-ETF


The Majestic Apache ebony set of chessmen is an extremely unusual collector Staunton chess piece carved in genuine ebony wood. The opposing pieces are made of boxwood which is the traditional wood used for white chessmen. We have seen similar tilted mane designs selling for nearly $1200 elsewhere!

Featuring a 4 1/4" King this set has a knight with a beautifully carved tilted mane. This triple-weighted set of chessmen comes with additional queens. All these chessmen are fitted with green felt pads.

List Price: $599.00

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Price: $349.00
454.75 CAD 309.70 EUR 278.33 GBP
World Financial Markets Chessmen in ebony and boxwood
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Product ID: WSM1E


This magnificent Bull vs. Bear chess set themed around world financial markets has been specifically designed to celebrate the ever-changing stock market's trials and tribulations as to whether to be bullish or bearish towards equities, bonds, currencies etc. Successfuly managing equity portfolios is not a game but after work to relax and play chess is an absolute pleasure and fun for all involved with a set like this and even ponder your next day's position! This chess set is absolutely unique and not available anywhere else in the world but online at this store simply because we designed it. Hand carved by one of India's finest artisans each set takes months to make as each chess piece is painstakingly hand made to perfection. This is a tournament standard set meeting the needs of the professional chess community. If you're in the finance business and need a fine art piece which conveys your occupational interest and also want a truly fine Staunton pattern chess set then this is it...the finest financial market themed chess set ever made available.

List Price: $799.00

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Price: $499.00
650.20 CAD 442.81 EUR 397.95 GBP
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The Egyptian themed chessmen in Red Sandalwood and Boxwood
Product ID: CWEGPT1


A great set of 32 chessmen based on a traditional Egyptian theme carved in rare Red Sandalwood (Pterocarpus santalinus ). This is a very rare Indian carved set based on an Egyptian theme, in fact we believe it is the only set of it's kind to be made in Red Sandalwood and Boxwood combo. This set of chess pieces has a King that is 7" tall with a base diameter of 2 1/8" and green felt pads. The base dimensions are the same for all pieces including the pawn which is 3 1/4" tall

Please note: This set is made of Red Sandalwood (Pterocarpus santalinus ) which is no longer allowed to be exported from India and is a protected wood under the CITES Agreement. This set can only be sold within the lower 48 States of the US. We cannot export this set outside of the US due to the requirements of the Lacey Act.

List Price: $999.00

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Price: $599.00
780.50 CAD 531.55 EUR 477.70 GBP
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