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LCD Pool
Product ID: 413


Play 8-Ball or Straight Pool Here’s a game you can bank on! Play either 8-ball or Billiards. And just as on a full-size table, you control the power to the cue, the angle of your shots, and even the "English"—the spin put on the ball. Easy to learn and lots of fun for one to two players.

Play 8-Ball or Billiards
Play Against a Human Partner or the Computer
Control Power, Angle & Spin
Model #413 Batt. Req. 2 X "AAA"
List Price: $29.95
You save $5.00
Price: $24.95
31.45 CAD 20.15 EUR 17.52 GBP
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Modern large Magnetic Chess Set
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Product ID: 68030


A uniquely designed travel chess set with plastic cast wood tone chessmen, magnetized for convenience during travel.

The king of this set stands 3 inches tall.
The pieces are made of wood tone cast resin on the dark side, and ivory tone resin on the light side.
They are magnetized, and padded on the bottom for smooth contact with the board.

The chessboard features a wood grain graphic image, covering a metal board beneath.
The board measures 11 inches across and 12.5 inches from end to end, with 1.4 inch playing squares.


Price: $25.00
31.51 CAD 20.19 EUR 17.56 GBP
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Wooden Storage box in stained sheeshamwood
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Product ID: WBOX1


An economy chess box for adequate and stylish safe storage of chessmen. The box has a sliding lid which reveals two compartments fro storing the black and white pieces.

Sizes: 9 inch X 6 inch X 3.5 inch. Weight: 1 lbs. 13 ounces. We use this same box in our product The Ultimate Staunton which has a 3 3/4" King with additional Queens. The box will also be good for smaller sets of chess pieces with Kings of less than 3 3/4 inch height or less.  

List Price: $39.99
You save $10.00
Price: $29.99
37.80 CAD 24.22 EUR 21.06 GBP
Magnetic 5" x 5" Travel Chess set
Product ID: MAG-5LQ-DRW
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This quality magnetic 5" x 5" travel chess set is a very popular size and offered at a really great price! It is constructed of boxwood and sheeshamwood board and has a sliding storage tray which accommodates the magnetic chess pieces.

List Price: $35.00
You save $3.54
Price: $31.46
39.65 CAD 25.41 EUR 22.10 GBP
Inexpensive Chess Storage Box in pine
Product ID: PHB4


This inexpensive chess storage box is ideal for storing that typical club chess set. Measuring 10" x 7" x 4" (inner dimensions are 6" x 4.5" x3.5") it will store a chess set up to 4.25" King. This box has a glued inner green lining and a divided center to separate the white and black pieces.


Price: $32.95
41.53 CAD 26.61 EUR 23.14 GBP
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Philippino Staunton black
Product ID: G0200176


A traditional Philippino design with 3" King and 1" base diameter with felt slides. This set of chessmen is made in boxwood and stained boxwood combo.

List Price: $49.00
You save $10.00
Price: $39.00
49.16 CAD 31.50 EUR 27.39 GBP
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Magnus Carlsen Tournament Chess Set
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Product ID: 95272


When it comes to competitive championship chess, you definitely can take it with you. We have been asked by so many people why don't we sell plastic chess sets and the reason is we haven't really liked them until now!

This Magnus Carlsen Tournament Chess Set is fully endorsed by the world's current chess champion. It features triple weighted plastic chess pieces, the chessboard, the storage tube and strap.

Vinyl board measures 20" x 20" with large 2.2" squares, a hard plastic tube with shoulder strap.

The King in this set weighs 2 ounces and is tournament sized at 3.75”. At less than $40 it's time to purchase a piece of chess history!

This chess set was featured in an article in The Wall Street Journal in October 2015 and also in the movie Pawn Sacrifice.

Price: $39.95
50.35 CAD 32.26 EUR 28.06 GBP
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New York Times Crossword Puzzle
Product ID: 455D



New York Times Touch Screen Crossword
Take along 1,000 crossword puzzles conveniently—in cars, on planes, trains, anywhere! No pencils to find. Just use the stylus that slips back into the unit. The best crossword puzzles are published by The New York Times—and these are some of its best!


List Price: $69.95
You save $30.00
Price: $39.95
50.35 CAD 32.26 EUR 28.06 GBP
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Soapstone carved Chess Set
Product ID: 29385


Chess set with soapstone inlay board. Pieces range from 1 3/4" to 2 3/4" high. Board 12" x 12" x 1 3/4" high.

List Price: $79.99
You save $40.00
Price: $39.99
50.40 CAD 32.30 EUR 28.09 GBP
6" Round Pegged travel chess set
Product ID: G-502-RD6


This innovative pegged travel chess set measures 6 inches diameter with the drawers folded in.
List Price: $49.99
You save $10.00
Price: $39.99
50.40 CAD 32.30 EUR 28.09 GBP
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Unfinished Tournament Staunton Chessmen
Product ID: PYTournament1


Are you into chess and yet also a Red Sox fan? Why not get creative and finish this chess set yourself in some way that makes it uniquely yours. This is our German Knight Staunton chess set in beautiful clear unfinished white boxwood ideal for painting or staining. Our German Knight is our most popular chess set pattern  and a great choice for finishing yourself. You can design something simple or complex, add your own style to this great game...even embed jewels and make this your bling set, if you're up to it! The possibilities are endless! 

What you get:

  • A full set of 34 chess pieces with extra queens!
  • A tournament standard 3 3/4" King...that's important if you want to use this set competitively!
  • King Base diameter of 1 1/2" for good piece stability and making it suitable for a chessboard with 2" squares. 
  • The set is double weighted and has the weighting embedded in the base. After all you don't want your wonderful pieces of art toppling over, do you?!
  • A full set of pads which you can attach after you have finished the pieces.
  • Extra Queens


List Price: $69.00
You save $20.00
Price: $49.00
61.76 CAD 39.57 EUR 34.42 GBP
The Modern Staunton
Product ID: G-225-KWF-3.0


This is a simple and yet interesting inexpensive Staunton design featuring a 3" King. Unusually, the base dimensions of all the pieces are of the same size at 1" with green felt pads.

Price: $49.00
61.76 CAD 39.57 EUR 34.42 GBP
Walnut veneer hinged Storage Box with Magnetic Closure
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Product ID: WBX12


This walnut veneer chess storage box measures 12" x 8" x 3" (inner dimensions are 7" x 5.5" x 2.25") and is ideal for storing a set of chessmen with up to 4.5" King. This box has a green lining and a divided center to separate the white and black pieces. This box has embedded powerful magnets in the lid which provides easy closure.


Price: $49.95
62.96 CAD 40.34 EUR 35.08 GBP
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Chess Club Tournament Special
Product ID: 95404-23


Play like a pro with our tournament chess set. Convenient and functional, this practical collection includes a 20 inch thick mat board in muted green and white. The plastic pieces stand up to 4 inches tall and feature a tournament quality triple weighted design. Everything can be tucked safely inside the included black tote with strap and handle.

Please note the chessboard in this set measures 20" x 20". The previous description incorrectly stated this was 23" x 23" which you may find is still the case on some other vendors sites. We do not want you to be disappointed!

List Price: $56.95
You save $3.95
Price: $53.00
66.80 CAD 42.80 EUR 37.23 GBP
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Sapele and Maple veneer chessboard with 1.75" squares
Product ID: 45400SM


This medium sized chessboard has 1.75" squares would be suitable for most chess sets with a king size up to 3" and additionally for other correctly proportioned chessmen with a king base diameter of no more than 1.5".

This chessboard looks great and is very inexpensive. It is made of a combination of Sapele and maple veneers so isn't a solid wood chessboard.

List Price: $59.00
You save $5.84
Price: $53.16
67.00 CAD 42.93 EUR 37.34 GBP
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