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Walnut stained German chess set with Mahogany board
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Product ID: 30WG-M


Walnut stained Boxwood German Knight (single wtd and ftd): Mahogany/Maple Inlaid wide frame Brd 1.75" sq

King Height (Inches) 3
Board Squares (Inches) 1.75
Board Length (Inches) 17.75
Board Width (Inches) 17.75

King Base (Inches) 1
Weight (LBS) 5

List Price: $139.00
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Price: $99.00
130.98 CAD 88.88 EUR 65.02 GBP
The mini Staunton metal set with chessboard and storage
Product ID: 95985


This is a neat and yet inexpensive staunton chess set design featuring a 2 1/2" King. Gorgeous chess set with men and chessboard with integrated storage measuring 12" x 12"x 3". Gold and Silver chessmen in classic Staunton style. Dark wood storage chest with built-in board. Aged wood inlay playing surface with border. 2 velour pull-string pouches for men included. 

List Price: $129.00
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Price: $99.00
130.98 CAD 88.88 EUR 65.02 GBP
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The Complete Staunton Chess Set
Product ID: CSet1
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This beautifully manufacturered full size (18" X 18") boxwood/sheesham Staunton pattern chess set comes with Board/ storage box in which all the pieces individually slot, FOUR queens and storage bag as standard!

Sorry but due to this outstanding price and weight of set we are not able to give free shipping on this item.


List Price: $199.00
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Price: $99.00
130.98 CAD 88.88 EUR 65.02 GBP
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Sheesham French Chess set includes walnut chessboard
Product ID: 37SF-WC


Sheesham/Bxwd Chessmen French Knt wtd/ftd: Walnut veneer brd 2" sq. (China)

King Height (Inches) 3.75
Board Squares (Inches) 2
Board Length (Inches) 17
Board Width (Inches) 17

King Base (Inches) 1.5
Weight (LBS) 8

List Price: $109.00
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Price: $89.99
119.06 CAD 80.79 EUR 59.11 GBP
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12" x 12" Square Magnetic Chess Set
Product ID: 12MAGSQ1
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An exceptional travel magnetic chess set with a King at 2.5 inches high and a total weight of just over 4 lbs. The set measures 12 inches x 12 inches and is 1.6 inches thick. The set has an internal insert for each chess piece.

This set is a larger version of our Chess Mentor which we have sold for over 10 years now.

Free Ground shipping to the lower 48 States until further notice!

List Price: $129.00
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Price: $89.00
117.75 CAD 79.90 EUR 58.46 GBP
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The Chess Mentor Plus Magnetic Travel Chess Set
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Product ID: TPlus12


At TCP we are always striving to make product improvements and lead the market in product quality and design. The Chess Mentor Plus is a superb wooden finished magnetic travel chess set which has a better look, better finish and a much nicer carry bag than is normally found in travel sets like this. What's more it is fitted with EXTRA queens rarely found in travel sets. Whether you are a traveler or not this is a great staunton pattern set that you can use if you want to learn chess. Featuring very distinguishable pieces, this 10" X 10" set is extremely portable and yet can be used for chess study to follow other players' moves when at a club or tournament.

List Price: $138.00
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Price: $79.00
104.52 CAD 70.93 EUR 51.89 GBP
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Chess Club Tournament Special
Product ID: 95404-23


Play like a pro with our tournament chess set. Convenient and functional, this practical collection includes a 23 inch thick mat board in muted green and white. The plastic pieces stand up to 4 inches tall and feature a tournament quality triple weighted design. Everything can be tucked safely inside the included black tote with strap and handle.

List Price: $56.95
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Price: $53.00
70.12 CAD 47.58 EUR 34.81 GBP
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