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Chess Club Tournament Special
Product ID: 95404-23


Play like a pro with our tournament chess set. Convenient and functional, this practical collection includes a 23 inch thick mat board in muted green and white. The plastic pieces stand up to 4 inches tall and feature a tournament quality triple weighted design. Everything can be tucked safely inside the included black tote with strap and handle.

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Magnus Carlsen Tournament Chess Set
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Product ID: 95272


When it comes to competitive championship chess, you definitely can take it with you. We have been asked by so many people why don't we sell plastic chess sets and the reason is we haven't really liked them until now!

This Magnus Carlsen Tournament Chess Set is fully endorsed by the world's current chess champion. It features triple weighted plastic chess pieces, the chessboard, the storage tube and strap.

Vinyl board measures 20" x 20" with large 2.2" squares, a hard plastic tube with shoulder strap.

The King in this set weighs 2 ounces and is tournament sized at 3.75”. At less than $50 it's time to purchase a piece of chess history!

You will see this chess set featured in an article in The Wall Street Journal in October 2015 and also in the new movie Pawn Sacrifice.

Price: $49.95
63.48 CAD 42.06 EUR 37.48 GBP
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