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Deluxe Premium Civil War chess set
Product ID: 37172


Each piece of this remarkable set is a miniature work of art, marching across a frosted-glass "battlefield". Lifelike horse-head corner columns hold the board aloft. A truly theatrical twist on the classic game of strategy and an absolute "must" for Civil War collectors and chess fanatics alike! Comes complete with polystone pieces and etched glass board. Each playing piece is approximately 1 5/8" diameter x 5 5/8" high; board is 21 1/2" diameter x 1/2" thick; each corner column is 3 1/8" x 4 1/2" x 5" high.

Very Special Price for a limited period only.

Due to the weight of this set we are not able to provide free shipping.

List Price: $299.00
You save $200.00
Price: $99.00
108.47 CAD 74.62 EUR 59.72 GBP
The Grand English wooden chessmen
Product ID: G-937-376


This is a grand 5" King hand carved set of chessmen made of boxwood and rare budrosewood. The king's base is 1 1/2" with green felt pads. 
List Price: $129.00
You save $30.00
Price: $99.00
108.47 CAD 74.62 EUR 59.72 GBP
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Egyptian Chess Set
Product ID: GM1019


An attractive Egyptian themed poly resin hand painted chess set.

Playing Board Size: 15.5"x15.5" (with Frame: 18.5"x18.5")
Chessmen Size-King 4.44"
Queen: 3.75"
Bishop: 3.19"
Knight: 3.00"
Rook: 2.56"
Pawn: 2.25"

Pack: 1/ctn/1.37cuft/24lb

Sorry, but due to the weight of this set we are unable to give free shipping.
List Price: $99.99
You save $10.00
Price: $89.99
98.60 CAD 67.83 EUR 54.28 GBP
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Product ID: GCAR-31


This is a very attractive Magic ball design taking the traditional Staunton pattern and adding an interesting artistic design element. Carved in a combination of rare budrosewood and boxwood this set of chess pieces features a 4" King with a base diameter of 1 1/4" 

Each piece including the pawns has a magic ball carved inside each of the bodies of each piece!

List Price: $99.00
You save $10.00
Price: $89.00
97.52 CAD 67.08 EUR 53.68 GBP
Chinese Military Chess Set
Product ID: PW8239383983989


This chess set carved in the traditional poses of the Chinese military faces faux-Mandarin ivory pieces against those in a Hong Tze finish. Alabastrite. 8 7/8" x 8 7/8" x 1 3/4" high.
List Price: $89.95
You save $10.00
Price: $79.95
87.60 CAD 60.26 EUR 48.23 GBP
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The Cannon Chessmen
Product ID: G-CAR-21CanonsetSDF


A very interesting cannon-style hand-carved wooden chessmen set in sheeshamwood. The King is 3.75" tall and these are all completely hand carved by our craftsmen in India. The price shown is for the pieces but if you need a chessboard too, take a look at our marching solid wood chessboards shown below.

List Price: $119.00
You save $40.00
Price: $79.00
86.56 CAD 59.54 EUR 47.65 GBP
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Civil War Chess Set
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Product ID: 34736


Each playing piece of this meticulously detailed chess set boasts authentic costuming and its own period props to bring the game alive for any Civil War buff. 

Alabastrite. 14 5/8" x 14 5/8" high. 

Special Offer for a limited period only $69.99!

List Price: $99.95
You save $29.96
Price: $69.99
76.69 CAD 52.75 EUR 42.22 GBP
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