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We want your experience of shopping with us to be pleasurable and repetitive and we promise to do all we can to help you in any way possible. As we are based in Ocala, Florida, USA you are invited to call us on 352 304 5340 with any questions you may have during our normal office hours of 8:00am to 6:00pm . After hours an email to stevel 'at' thechesspiece.com will usually give you a response within 24 hours and often MUCH sooner.

Where do I start?

Have a look at our product group tabs at the top of the page and select the sub-category from the drop down menu. The Product groups are followed by the product type, manufacturer and product. Further information and larger pictures can be obtained by clicking either on the product image or "details" where shown.

What's in My Cart?... 

In order  to place a product in your shopping cart, click the buy button next to any product. You will then be taken to the Shopping Cart screen. You can then edit the number of products you want or delete a product from your cart.  You'll need to use the Back Arrow on your browser window to return from the Shopping Cart screen back to the catalogue page you were on to continue shopping . The Continue Shopping link at the bottom of the view cart screen will return you to our main Catalog page. 

You can see what you already have in your Shopping Cart at any time by simply clicking on the View Cart button on the Menu bar. This brings you to your  Shopping Cart screen whenever you want. And your Shopping Cart will  be with you for as long as you want to wander around our store.  -- your Shopping Cart will be there waiting for you when you're ready to Check Out.

Checking Out..... 

You can purchase what's in your shopping cart at any time. Simply click on the Check Out button at the bottom of the Shopping Cart screen.  
When you Check Out you will be sent to our Information screen  where you'll be asked for your name and shipping information and preferences. Please make sure all your information is correct. If your email address is wrong you won't get a confirmation of your order. Please add any additional information in the block provided that will help with the fulfillment of your order, aspecially a delivery phone number which is required by some of our carriers.  You can then choose the type of payment you would like, for example, Paypal, Credit Card, or select Email which will allow you to use an alternative method such as check or money order or international wire transfer..  


If you choose PayPal,  you will then be taken to the Check Total screen. You can verify the order amount, shipping  charges, and total order amount. 
If the items cost displayed is correct, press the Checkout Button This then takes you to the SECURE PayPal payment details screen. Here you have a choice. If you are already a member,  enter your email address and PayPal password and complete the sale as directed. If you do not have a PayPal account, enter your information as directed and complete the form. You will then be taken to the total screen. Please review the PayPal Security and privacy statement. Once completed, you will receive a confirmation email about your order.

Credit Card

If you choose Credit Card,  you will then be taken to the Check Total screen. You can verify the order amount, shipping  charges, and total order amount. If this is correct, press the Checkout Button This then takes you to our SECURE payment Processing screen provided by one of our payment processors PayPal or Google Checkout.  This form has been partially filled out with the information provided earlier. Please fill out the credit card information as requested. Please review the privacy and security statement provided. Then  press  the "Complete Order Now" button. Please read the box and click OK. Please wait until you receive the "Sale Processed" screen.  Please print or write the confirmation code number for future reference.  You will  receive an automated e-mail confirmation of your order. If you don't receive an e-mail confirmation your e-mail address was incorrect. Please contact us with the correct address.

Email Payment

We encourage you to use our automated payment processing systems, either by Paypal or credit card.  We do however  want your business,  and will gladly  accept a check or money order. If paid by money order,  your order will be shipped immediately upon receipt. If paid by check, we reserve the right to await clearance! If you want to use this payment method, choose email. The next screen is the Check Total screen. You can verify the order amount, shipping  charges, and total order amount. If this is correct, press the Checkout Button.  This take you to our Thank You screen, which has the address to send payment. Please include your order number. You will  receive an automated e-mail confirmation of your order. If you don't receive an e-mail confirmation your e-mail address was incorrect. Please contact us with the correct address. Never send any credit card information via ordinary e-mail.

Shipping Method

Orders are shipped by FedEx and USPS.

Shipping Charges

Our prices include ground shipping to the lower 48 US States for orders over $150.  The shipping charge is shown as a discount on the sales receipt and may be charged if the item is returned to us for a full credit for any reason other than the wrong item being shipped , but subject to The Chess Piece's discretion. We believe in fairness and common sense when determining shipping refunds whether initially charged upfront or otherwise.
Most orders are shipped same day the order is received but may be within 1-2 business days of your order being placed. This applies especially to computers, standard chess sets and other chess related goods. Our Limited Edition and Custom-carved Character Chess Sets and exquisite Camel bone sets may take up to 28 days for delivery, (although many are held in stock at our Florida warehouse) depending on demand, availability and customer location. When you place your order we will immediately confirm the delivery details and if you find this unacceptable in any way we will give you an opportunity to cancel your order without any obligation to you.
As you will expect, we do not compromise quality to fill an order early. We are sure you will be delighted with your product after receiving it and consider a small wait worthwhile if this happens to be the case. We do however keep you informed as to how your custom set is progressing by regular email from our shipping department.

Overseas Orders- please note.
We gladly accept orders from overseas and are shipping daily to countries other than the US.  However, customers should be aware that if they reside OUTSIDE the US then they are personally responsible for any customs duties, sales taxes, brokerage fees or other charges levied by the country of import concerned. Please therefore accept that the price you pay when purchasing online from our store may not be the final price payable.

NO Handling Charges

There are NO handling charges applied to each order on shipping. You only pay actual delivery costs we absorb the packaging and handling costs in our sales margin.

Order Cancellation

If you wish to cancel an order that has been placed. please contact us IMMEDIATELY on 352 304 5340. We strongly recommend that you contact via telephone to ensure that your order cancellation request is received and processed promptly. If your order has not shipped yet, an order cancellation fee of 5% (minimum fee of $10.00) will apply. This fee will help offset our considerable administrative costs, as shipment inspection and preparation can take upwards of an hour. If your order has already shipped, please see the Item Returns / Exchanges section below to learn more about returning the item. Note: These fees only apply to order cancellations. If you wish to make a change to an order that has not shipped, we will happily handle your request and no fees will apply; we want you to be 100% happy with your choice!

Returns and Exchanges

If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you must notify us of your intention to return it within 14 days after it was delivered to the shipping address specified by our carrier for a full refund of the cost of the goods purchased less a discretionary restocking fee of 10% on the purchase price of the returned items, plus any costs we incurred in outbound shipping charges. We then allow you 14 days to get the item back to us after issuing you with an RMA # or other authorization. In practice, a re-stocking fee is normally not charged when someone is normally just wishing an exchange and/or returns the item promptly to us and this will only be applied if we feel this is fair and justifiable and this may be waived at our discretion.

The items must be packed carefully and sent via a method that is trackable, has signature required for delivery and is insured. We recommend United Parcel Service (UPS) and FedEx. but we do not mind which carrier is used so long as it it trackable and insured.

We are not responsible for any damage or loss that is incurred while the package is in transit. Since many of our items are fragile in nature, items returned must be carefully wrapped and every effort must be made to ensure that these are delivered to us in the condition in which they were originally shipped. For reasons including (but not limited to) damaged packaging, missing components such as User Guides or pieces which are missing or broken then the refund will be based on the cost of restoring the value of the items purchased plus the restocking fee of 10%. For this reason, it is essential to take care when wrapping and also ensure packages sent back to us are insured against loss and damage.

During the Christmas period many items are bought well before Christmas but not opened until Christmas Day. Items purchased after November 1 and up to December 24, which were opened as Christmas gifts on or after Christmas Day may be returned within the 14 day period immediately following Christmas Day. 

Merchandise must be received in new or otherwise original condition with all original packaging and documentation.  The Chess Piece will not accept returns that have not been authorized and assigned a RA number. To return a product follow these steps:

1. Please email us at stevel[@]thechesspiece.com or alternatively call us on 352 304 5340 during our business hours telling us what you want to do.

2. We may then either issue you with a returns number depending on the item or ask you to include our packing slip or a note confirming the details relating to the order so we can trace it..

3. If the item you wish to return bears a serial #, please let us know what this is in advance so that we can check our records.

4. Place the product back in the original (or similar) outer box and original inner packaging including user guides, sales leaflets, etc. Make sure it is tightly and securely wrapped!

4. Mark the RA number on the outer box label.

5. Return to:

TheChessPiece.com, 2330 SW 37TH Street, Ocala, FL 34471


Item Arrived Damaged

Your have one week (7 calendar days) from the date that the package is delivered to notify us that the item you received is damaged. If you do find that an piece has arrived damaged, please keep all of the packaging materials that your shipment came with (cardboard box, packing materials) and notify us immediately. Depending on the item that arrived damaged, UPS may perform an inspection on the damaged item and its original packaging to verify the extent of the damage and that the package was properly packed. UPS has 5 (five) business days to decide whether they want to perform an inspection. If they do decide to perform an inspection, a UPS representative will come to the delivery address and pick up the damaged item and all packaging materials. It is not very common that UPS does perform such inspections, but it does happen.

If you have notified us within the time frame, we will replace the item at no cost to you. Please note that in the case of Chessmen, where each piece is hand carved and unique, we may require that you send us back the damaged piece first. In the case of pieces from our luxury wooden sets we may request that you return all 4 pieces . This is to ensure that the grain/coloring/cut of the replacement piece is as near identical across all 4 pieces. Variations in production batches can necessitate replacement of all these to ensure continuity. We will advise accordingly and this is done for your benefit as we want your set to be as pristine as possible.

If you notify us after the time period has ended, we will not honor any damage item claims. In this situation, you should check to see if the item comes with a Manufacturers Warranty and contact them directly regarding replacement.

Non-matching Serial #'s and Badly Damaged returns.

We always aim to be fair, but where items are received by the customer in perfect condition and then returned by the customer in a badly damaged condition or where serial #s' differ (where applicable) from that originally shipped, we reserve the right to not provide a refund. This is extremely rare and is usually the result of return shipping damage or a genuine mistake by the customer. Items returned by the customers' own designated carrier are entirely your responsibility and done so at your own risk. We cannot over-emphasise the importance of ensuring the items are suitably protected against shipping damage and insured by the customer. In these situations, where items received are damaged, we would contact you and document our findings with pictures as proof of their condition so that a claim may be made with the carrier if this is considered the cause of the damage.

Shipping Reimbursement Policy

The Chess Piece DOES NOT reimburse shipping on returns except when the wrong item is shipped to customers within the US. . The Chess Piece always aims to be fair but will use its discretion when reimbursing for quality or defect reasons.

Free shipping  

During our free shipping promotions, we apply a discount to the order which is exactly the same as the shipping charges that would have been applied to that order. In the event that the item is returned for a credit then we  deduct this shipping charge from the refund due.

You may return any item for an exchange within 14 days. Exchanges shipped in advance of receiving returned items will be charged to your credit card and we will request this information from you and treat it as a separate transaction.. Upon receiving your returned item we will refund to your account the full price of the returned item less the original outbound shipping charge. The Chess Piece does not provide free shipping on exchanges.

International Returns
The Chess Piece always welcomes international orders. Please keep in mind that international shipping can be expensive and customers are responsible for return shipping of a product for exchange or refund and including return of items deemed defective by the customer. Reasonable return shipping costs will be reimbursed if it is determined that an error was made by The Chess Piece but at the The Chess Piece's sole discretion. We have many customers overseas and we aim to be and have always been very fair.

Refunds are normally processed as soon as the returns are received. Items paid for with credit card will be refunded to the credit card used for the original order up to 60 days following the original purchase date and once the returned goods have been received by us. Refunds after this date can only be made by Company Check or by a PayPal transfer to the customers email address. Orders originally paid through PayPal, Google Wallet or other payment processor will be refunded through the same channel. All others will be by money order or company check. 

Use of Cookies

A "cookie" is a small file stored on your computer by a web site and gathers certain information about your activity on the site. We use cookies only to provide a mechanism that allows us to maintain your shopping cart. Our cookies do not store any personal or financial information about you. Most web browsers automatically accept cookies and allow you to disable the use of cookies. If you select the "Remember Me"  feature on our customer details page, we will use a cookie to remember your customer information you gave us so you don't have to enter that information each time you visit our site.

Privacy Statement 

We have created this privacy policy in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to Internet privacy.  We use the information collected to process orders and to provide you a personalized shopping experience.  We respect your privacy and we never provide any  personal information to any companies or services outside of The Chess Piece.

To view our Privacy statement please click here