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This is the page where we list all our own in-house produced videos and others that have been created by friends and acquaintances which we feel may help you in your buying process and even entertain!


The Chess Piece...introductory video; product summary.

U.S. Chess Scoop, Episode 2 from DIM mak films on Vimeo.

This video features the exclusive 'ladies chess set' designed by TheChessPiece and ONLY available from this store

displaying pearlescent pink and Ivory chess pieces on a magnificent bone and horn chessboard!

A useful video guide when deciding on what to look for in a Staunton Chess Set video designed and produced by TheChessPiece


Beware of the poison pawn a video produced by our friends at the HHCF. Adisa Banjoko explains how the poisoned pawn on the board can mirror life situations. The pawn I used in this presentation came from www.thechesspiece.com ! The set used was our Grand Master brass set that can be viewed by following this link: The Grandmaster Brass Chess set.


What are collector chess sets? This video produced and designed by TheChessPiece covers just a few of what we have to offer.


Wooden chess sets...what are the differences?OUr in-house produced video explains just some of the things to look for before buying.

Naked Chess from jen on Vimeo.


Naked chess, an artistic perspective from Jennifer Shahade. In this clip she's using our exclusive carved wooden chess set, the Au Naturel.

This chess set can be viewed and purchased by following this link: au naturel carved wooden chess set.

The Phantom Chess Computer- unquestionably the world's best selling robotic chess set taht moves it's own pieces. This video produced by TheChessPiece shows you a lot more than our pictures do about this remarkable chess computer!

The Triple Decker chess set, what is it? Developed by TheChessPiece.com and available only from this store now by following this link: triple decker chess sets, the first of a series of new Staunton' three sets in one' chess sets.

Here's a Triple Decker chess set being presented to RZA in this video below!


Here is a set given to RZA on his birthday at the 9 Queens Knockout Invitational. The set was presented by HHCF CEO Adisa Banjoko, and Jean Hoffman of 9 Queens. It is the worlds first triple decker chess set and it was created by www.thechesspiece.com ! Please check out all the amazing, affordable custom chess sets they...


Here's a product video for The New American Staunton chess set that we developed several years ago. Available in both genuine ebony and bud rosewood (red sandalwood), these are probably our most popular wooden staunton chess sets that we have sold. Here's the link to thye product page: The New American chess sets: Budrosewood chess set and ebony chess set versions. Beware poor copies are now being sold elsewhere at a higher price!