Wooden Chess Sets...an introduction


Wooden chess sets...introductory video

Wood has been the preferred material to fashion chess pieces for years. Some woods have been selected for their ease of carving, others for their specific colors, robustness and beauty. The amount of material used and wood type has a great impact on the cost of the chess set as is the overall quality of the carving, turning and finishing of the chessmen themselves. At The Chess Piece we have a broad line of wooden chess sets that should provide a good choice to suit all budgets. All our products have been selected to ensure the highest of standards in the industry. The vast majority of our chessmen and chessboards are manufacturered for us directly by the best Indian artisans and we do not generally buy through wholesalers. Several of the designs that you will see have been designed by us and we aspire to making many more unique chess sets designs available in the future.