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Chess Sets

The Chess Piece Chess Sets Store sells the finest staunton chess sets and that unique collectible rare collector themed chess set made of bone, metal and exotic woods. Please checkout our sub-categories which make it easier to choose the chess set design that most appeals to you!

Chess Pieces

The variety of chess piece designs available is extensive, from the highly popular Staunton player pattern to abstract and contemporary collectible chess sets and attractive themed designs such as Civil War.

Chess Boards

Chessboards come in all styles and sizes and are made of many different materials. Solid woods, wood veneers, bone and horn, metal, leather and one of a kind exotic chessboards.

Chess Storage Cases & Boxes

There's no more lost or broken chess pieces when you have wooden, leather or leatherette storage chess boxes to protect and safely store your chess pieces. These come in the form of cases, chests, boxes and coffers for different sizes and shapes of chessmen.

Other Games

This category features all our other games from fun hand held electronic travel and other board games.

New Chess Products

This is the category where we feature our newest chess products each month. Whether you want the latest unique staunton chess sets that we have designed or are just interested in historical chess designs and the latest chess trends in chess set design.

Clearance Items

In this category we feature one off bargains of items that are either:
1. Discontinued
2. Slightly scratched or dinged so as to not be in perfect condition.
3. Brand new items that we no longer plan to stock.
4.Out of box items.

Current Specials

This category features all our current promotions. Many chess sets and other products are offered here at a very discounted price for a limited period.

Scratch & Dent & Imperfect

All chess products which are slightly imperfect or damaged. All items sold are non-returnable and we encourage you to read the description very carefully.

Other Chess Items

The other chess items category features products like chess clocks, replacement pieces, and related gift items such as customization.