Faq & advice

This is a series of informational pages which is in the process of being updated so please check back regularly.


Please also take a look at our free videos page.

1. Looking for a wooden chess set but unsure where to start? Our introductory video may be a useful start.

2. There are lots of Staunton sets advertised but what is Staunton and what should I look for? Our video, Introduction to Staunton Chess sets may be a good starting place for those new to this most popular style of chess set.

3. When looking for a quality set which piece is most important? The answer is all of them! That said, the piece with the most skill attached to it is the knight so at least make sure that piece is well carved before commiting to purchase. Here's our in-house written article with some detail to help you learn more about this most cherished piece, the knight chess piece.

4. Staunton chess sets are usually supplied with leather or felt pads...this guide may help you decide.

5. There seems to be discrepancies when it comes to sizing a chessboard correctly, many suggest that the King's base diameter is the critical criterion. This article conveys our opinion and we hope you find it helpful.