Free Shipping

Our free shipping policy applies to most orders over the value of $150 and for delivery to the lower 48 US States and by the least expensive shipping carriers selected by us.  This is typically UPS Ground or USPS parcel post. There is of course no such thing as free shipping and we offer this as part of our margin on the sale so where possible we greatly appreciate customers who have us ship to their work or commercial location as this helps reduce our costs. Due to the continuing spirally of the prices charged by our courier partners we cannot offer free shipping on all items, even if the order value is over $150 or has been combined with another item. Although minimal this may apply to some heavy items such as chessboards and the larger theme sets. Actual shipping charges are reflected as a discount on the sales transaction and may be charged if the item is returned to us for a credit for any reason other than the wrong item being shipped, but subject to The Chess Piece's discretion.

We believe in absolute fairness and common sense when determining shipping refunds whether initially charged or otherwise.
Most orders are shipped same day the order is received but may be within 1-2 business days of your order being placed. This applies especially to computers, standard chess sets and other chess related goods. Our Limited Edition and some Custom-carved bone sets may take up to 28 days for delivery, (although many are held in stock at our Florida warehouse) depending on demand, availability and customer location. When you place your order we will immediately confirm the delivery details with you and if you find this unacceptable in any way we will give you an opportunity to cancel your order without any financial obligation to you.

As you will expect, we do not compromise quality to fill an order early. We are sure you will be delighted with your product after receiving it and consider a small wait worthwhile if this happens to be the case. We do however keep you informed as to how your custom set is progressing by regular email from our shipping department.

Overseas Orders- please note.
We gladly accept International orders and ship overseas every day.  However, customers should be aware that they are personally responsible for any customs duties, sales taxes, brokerage fees (such as UPS Canadian imports) or other charges levied by the country of import concerned when buying from this US based store. Please therefore accept that the price you pay when purchasing online from our store may not be the final price payable.

NO Handling Charges
There are NO handling charges applied to each order on shipping. You only pay actual delivery costs; we absorb the packaging and handling costs in our sales margin.